Overpowered Gear Combinations - Titan Quest

This page is something I decided to put together after realizing that my Build Guides were lacking in specialized information about each build in Titan Quest. How I play this game is different from how many others play this game. I build every character I play in Titan Quest like a tank, focusing entirely on stacking every resist as high as it can go and I ignore other things like +% damage increases. For this reason almost all of the gear I recommend in my build guides is for tanking purposes.

Additionally I almost never "gear swap" with my characters because I really loathe gear swapping in video games. It's something I always forget to do and it ends up getting me killed constantly because I only remember after dying that I need to change my gear -- not before. These are shortcomings on my part and as a guide writer I need to take into consideration that there are others who play the game differently than me with different strengths and weaknesses... This was my impetus for writing this guide.

On this page I have documented item pairings that are generally considered to be overpowered in the game. An example of what item pairings you'll find on this page are Tracker's Hood and Apollo's Will -- both of these items give you +100% Piercing Damage. For any build that uses primarily Piercing Damage the combination of these items will give you an absolutely insane damage boost.


Note: This guide is worked on periodically throughout the year. I typically play Titan Quest a few months every year and I update and add more to the guides on my website each time I do. When you see information missing on this page -- that's why!



(Caster Life Draining Builds) Necklace of Harmonia, Band of Souls & Praxidikae or Fallen Seer's Staff (EE Monster Infrequent) Praxidikae is a staff that deals Vitality damage which makes it an amazing weapon for any Spirit builds designed around Vitality damage. Fallen Seer's Staff is what I would choose for a non-vitality based build. It's an Eternal Embers Monster Infrequent <Add Link> so you'll have to farm one with a good roll.

(Throwing Weapon Life Draining Builds) Chakram of the Sun or Chakram of the Moon, Necklace of Harmonia,

(Bow Life Draining Builds) Bow of the Shades, Bladestring or Philip's Reach & Necklace of Harmonia, Might of the Ancestors

(Melee Life Draining Builds) The Imperator or Reach of Helios, Bloodthirst the Glutton, Gauntlets of the Necrolord, Necklace of Harmonia

Attack Damage Converted To Health Weapon Relic: Incarnation of Anubis' Wrath



(Pierce Damage Bow Builds) Tracker's Hood, Apollo's Will

(Pierce Damage Throwing Weapon Builds) Skeletal Dart (Weapon), Dagger Tooth (Weapon), Jagged Silk (Weapon),

(Pierce Damage Melee Builds) Blacksteel Spear (Rag Monster Infrequent), Dagger of Dawn (Weapon), Tracker's Hood, Apollo's Will,

(Pierce Ratio Items) Philip's March, Philip's Unity, Blackwym Guards



(Physical Damage Builds) Odysseus' Armor, Armor of Achilles, Armor of Peleus, Myrmidon's Pendant, Mark of Ares, Star of Elysium,

(Physical Damage Melee Builds) Einherjar's Fate (Monster Infrequent),

(Physical Damage Throwing Weapon Builds)

(Physical Damage Caster Builds)



(Poison Damage Builds) Gills of Tiamat, Star of Elysium, Assassin's Shroud



(Elemental Damage Builds) Hesione's Golden Veil, Demonskin Walkers, Golden Agris Helmet,

(Elemental Damage Bow Builds)

(Elemental Damage Throwing Weapon Builds) Golden Kris (Weapon), Freyella (Weapon),

(Elemental Damage Caster Builds)

(Elemental Damage Melee Builds)



(Vitality Damage Builds) Eurydice's Wedding Band, Praxidikae, Marduk's Tablet of Destiny, Jade Shuriken

(Vitality Damage Caster Builds)

(Vitality Damage Throwing Weapon Builds) Jade Shuriken,

(Vitality Damage Melee Builds)

(Vitality Damage Bow Builds)

Vitality Damage Staves: Praxidikae, Fafnir's Heart, Moros Nyx, Strength of the Nile, Gem of the Serpent Priest, Necromancer's Staff



(Reflect Damage Builds)




(Fire Damage Builds) Legguards of the Flameborn, Chthonic Legwraps, Eye of Ra, Primal Magma (Charm), Sun Disc (Shield), Lævateinn, Archimedes' Cogwheel, Seal of Hephaestus,

(Fire Damage Caster Builds) Chthonic Legwraps, Dragon's Breath,

(Fire Damage Melee Builds) Legguards of the Flameborn, Sun Disc (Shield), Lævateinn, Seal of Hephaestus,

(Fire Damage Throwing Weapon Builds) Chakram of the Sun, Golden Kris,

(Fire Damage Bow Builds)


(Lightning Damage Builds)

(Lightning Damage Caster Builds)

(Lightning Damage Melee Builds)

(Lightning Damage Throwing Weapon Builds)

(Lightning Damage Bow Builds)


(Cold Damage Builds) Chakram of the Moon, Shroud of Eirene?, Glacial Maul?, Cold Essence (Charm), Persephone's Ring, Archimedes Cogwheel,

(Cold Damage Caster Builds) Chromatic Staff?, Fingerbone of Boreas, Staff of Elysium, Cloak of Fimbulvinter, Permafrost Bracelet,

(Cold Damage Melee Builds) Dementer's Sorrow, Phorkos' Trident,

(Cold Damage Throwing Weapon Builds)

(Cold Damage Bow Builds)



(-Recharge Builds)