Titan Quest F.A.Q - Updated for Eternal Embers

TQ FAQ Guide

This page contains a list of questions I see frequently asked for Titan Quest on Reddit, Forums and on my own TQ videos/guides. All of the questions on this page are in no specific order and I may occasionally update this page as time goes on. For those of you curious about how up to date the information on this page is... This page was written in January 2022 very shortly after the release of the Eternal Embers Expansion for Titan Quest.


Q: What 3rd party programs are worth using for Titan Quest?

A: In my opinion there is only a single 3rd party program worth using for Titan Quest and that is TQVaultAE. This program gives you significantly more storage space so you don't have to deal with making 50 different mules and it allows you to instantly create Artifacts from their recipes or duplicate any item you own. For people like me who like to experiment with builds and try out new gear setups etc this program is invaluable.


Q: How do I spend my Attribute Points while leveling up?

A: Typically what I like to do is bank my Attribute Points until I know exactly where I plan to spend them. More often than not you'll spend Attribute Points while leveling up to equip gear that you find. Say you're playing a Strength based character, most of your Attribute Points will be going into both Strength and Dexterity to wear gear. What I personally would do is keep 20 - 30 points banked at all times until a piece of gear dropped I wanted to wear. Then I would invest as many Attribute Points as needed until I could equip that gear at which point I would start banking Attribute Points again. If you'd like more information on this topic and don't mind listening to me ramble on for 10min giving you tons of information check out my How to spend Attribute Points when leveling up Youtube vid.


Q: Is there any Magic Find in Titan Quest?

A: There is no Magic Find in Titan Quest nor is there any way to increase your odds of getting better drops.


Q: I keep dying and I don't know if my build sucks or I spent my attributes wrong or if I am gearing incorrectly. All I know is I keep dying and I need help, what am I doing wrong?

A: Games like Titan Quest that are designed around builds can end up this way for many players (myself included). If you improperly build your character or use the wrong items you can gimp your character so bad that you can't do much of anything. What I recommend you do is take a look at my Titan Quest Build Guides for more information and my List of OP Gear Combinations for more information on how you can turn your crappy build into something amazing.


Q: What is the best mastery for leveling in the game?

A: Keep in mind this is extremely subjective, if I had to pick though I would choose either Nature Mastery or Rune Mastery. If you're curious why I chose either of these masteries check out my Best Leveling Abilities page for some insight.


Q: What is the best build in the game?

A: Of course this is going to be another extremely subjective question and answer. Ritualist or Conqueror would be my choices with Warden and Ranger coming in a close second (if you have Tracker's Hood and Apollo's Will most Pierce damage builds will be insanely OP). If you'd like a more detailed answer check out my Best Builds in Titan Quest guide where I rank most of the builds I have played.


Q: What is the fastest way to level up in Titan Quest?

A: As of right now the best way to level up in Titan Quest is by doing the Grave EXP Farming Method. This method requires you to collect a bunch of gear with +% Experience Gained and then repeatedly die over and over and grab your gravestone each time. More information can be found on my Grave EXP Farming Guide.


Q: What type of gear is worth wearing?

A: You will want gear with Resistances on it first and foremost. Elemental Resistances are the most important with Pierce Resistance being the second most. Third and fourth places would go to Vitality Resistance and Poison Resistance with Bleeding Resistance being the least important of them all.


Q: How do I make Gorgons appear in the Minoan Labyrinth so I can farm Stonebinder's Cuffs?

A: In Titan Quest when you open the client a game seed is generated. This is useful knowledge for many reasons but as it relates to this specifically, some gameseeds have undead that spawn in Minoan Labyrinth and other gameseeds have demons that spawn... and you guessed it -- there is another gameseed where Gorgons spawn. So you will need to active a shrine in the Minoan Labyrinth and keep exiting completely out of the game and launching the client again to change your gameseed. Do this until you've gotten Gorgons to spawn inside the Labyrinth, once you've done this you can log in and out of the game (don't close the client) and farm the Minoan Labyrinth as many times as you want.


Q: Which Monster Infrequents are worth farming?

A: I have a few lists of Monster Infrequents that are worth farming. Check out my List of Best Monster Infrequents as well as my list of Beginner Monster Infrequents.


What type of affixes do I want to get on my gear at the start of the game?

A: Much like with all ARPGs the gear in Titan Quest can roll with a prefix and a suffix, both of these things together are called an affix. To see a full list of all the affixes in the game check out this page. As for the affixes that I recommend, Recovery, Rigid, Tempered, Honor Guard, Protective, Insulating, Resistant, Survival, Immortality, Expertise. Each of these affixes that I just named are designed to increase your survivability. Typically when starting a new character in a game like Titan Quest I focus entirely on gear that will help me survive at first then branch out to other gear once I am tanky enough to survive.


Q: How do I get my Resistances higher?

A: In Titan Quest the best way to increase your Resistances is through gear. Sometimes certain builds will help you increase your resists too, like if you're playing a Defense Mastery character you'll have access to the Rally skill which (when used) will give you 60% Elemental Resistances. Nature Mastery can buff their Elemental Resistances with Permanence of Stone as well. Hunting Mastery has a skill called Herbal Remedy that will give you over 100% Poison Resist with enough +Skills. If your build has a skill like this that buffs one of your resistances it'll allow you to focus on upping your other resists instead.


Q: How do I increase my survivability?

A: The first and most common method is by getting more gear with Resistances on it. Figure out what sort of enemy is killing you and then make up for your weakness. Most of the time enemy Archers in this game are the biggest threat and they do mostly Pierce Damage; so if you find yourself dying from Archers consistently try to get more Pierce Resistance to help out. Attack Damage Converted to Health is very nice too since it'll heal you every time you are attacking an enemy. Keep in mind that Life Leech does not do the same thing as Attack Damage Converted to Health.



Q: Is there a Hardcore Mode in Titan Quest?

A: No.


Q: Do +10% Physical Damage on one item and +15% Physical Damage on another item stack together? Will I get 25% Physical Damage in total or do they not stack this way?

A: You will get 25% Physical Damage in total. Most things that buff your damage in this game by a % will stack with one another.



Q: Will +% Elemental Damages on an item increase my Fire, Ice or Lightning damage? Or does it only increase skills that deal exclusively Elemental Damages?

A: It will increase the damage of any Fire, Ice or Lightning spells along with the damage of any spells that deal Elemental Damages.



Q: Does +%Life Leech give all of my attacks Life Leech?

A: No. +% Life Leech only increases the amount of life you leech from attacks that already are leeching life. Unless you're playing a Spirit build that uses a lot of Life Leech abilities (like Life Drain) then +% Life Leech probably won't be very useful to you.


Q: If I have a weapon with +25% Pierce Ratio and then 2 pieces of gear with a combined total of +50% Pierce Ratio will that give me 75% Pierce Ratio in total?

A: Pierce Ratio is multiplicative with the base, not cumulative. What this means is in the example I just provided to you -- you would not get 75% Pierce Ratio in total you'd get 37.5%. The math for this is; 50% of 25% comes out to 12.75% which you'd then add to your weapon's Pierce Ratio. The correct math when calculating Pierce Ratio is multiplying the bonuses on your gear against the amount on your weapon.