Best Abilities to use while Leveling - Titan Quest

Titan Quest Character With Wolves

I decided to make this page in an effort to answer some of the more common questions I get on my Titan Quest Youtube videos and guides - "Which skills should I use while leveling up?". The majority of the build guides you find on my website and on my Youtube Channel are designed for players who are on Legendary difficulty or late in Epic difficulty. Due to this there's a lack of information about what skills you'll want to use while leveling up throughout the game, hopefully this page can provide some information on that.

There are many different masteries in Titan Quest and each of them has their own set of skills for you to choose from. As you may have already guessed too some of the masteries in this game are way better for leveling up than the other ones. In my opinion the best masteries for leveling up are Storm, Nature, Dream and Rune -- if you're planning on playing a build with one of these 2 masteries I'd recommend you pick it as your first mastery.

Usually when leveling up I focus the majority of my Skill Points into a single mastery for most of Normal difficulty. You can get away with using only one or two skills throughout all of Normal, just invest a lot of points into the skills you frequently use. When I am levels 30 - 40 I typically then invest into my second mastery and I start by picking buffs for my character and any skills that synergize well with the ones I am using.



SquallSquall (Storm): One of the best abilities in the entire game and an amazing ability for leveling up. Squall scales really well and does a ton of damage on its own - if you're playing a Storm Mastery character you will want to get this skill as early as possible as it'll make the game significantly easier once you do.

Ring of Flame TQ SkillRing of Flame (Earth): This ability has been nerfed a few times throughout TQ's history but it still proves to be a great ability for leveling up through a lot of Normal difficulty. It does have a high mana cost and drops off in value once you've finished Normal difficulty though.

Earth Enchantment TQ SkillEarth Enchantment (Earth): Aside from Ring of Flame this is probably the second best ability in Earth for leveling up. You'll want to get Earth Enchantment as well as all of the passives that go along with it. Almost all builds that go into Earth Mastery end up getting this skill.

Ternion Attack TQ SkillTernion Attack (Spirit): In Spirit Mastery the best ability you can get for leveling up is Ternion Attack along with the passives that come with it. This ability will replace your left click attack and is one of the best attacks for casters that go into Spirit Mastery.

Batter TQ SkillBatter (Defense): There are not many skills in Defense Mastery that are useful for leveling up -- Batter is really your only option and this ability is very subpar. Get this if you have no other options available to you in your second mastery.

Call of the Wild Skill TQCall of the Wild (Nature): In my honest opinion this is one of the best abilities for leveling in Titan Quest. Every single build that goes into Nature Mastery uses these wolves because of how amazing they are. Put points into this ability and max it out ASAP when leveling as Nature.

Rune Weapon TQ SkillRune Weapon (Rune): This ability will replace your left click attack and make all damage you deal Elemental Damage instead of whatever damage your weapon normally would deal. Rune Weapon will also give you a significant damage boost which makes sense considering that Elemental Damages can not crit (I think).

Poison Gas Bomb TQ SkillPoison Gas Bomb (Rogue): If you're choosing Rogue Mastery and you plan on your character being more of a caster than a fighter you'll want to get this ability for leveling up. Those of you playing Rogue Mastery who plan to focus more on Throwing Weapons/melee as your main form of damage will probably use Calculated Strike instead.

Calculated Strike TQ SkillCalculated Strike (Rogue): When starting out as a new character with Rogue Mastery you'll always want to get this ability and assign it to your left click. Once you reach level 10 - 15 you can switch to Poison Gas Bomb if you're going to be more of a caster build otherwise you'll want to stick with Calculated Stike. As far as left click attacks go this one is pretty underwhelming so if you can purchase something better in your second mastery it is recommended.

Marksmanship TQ SkillMarksmanship (Hunting): Replace your left mouse click with this ability. Marksmanship is the main ability you'll want to use if you're going the Throwing Weapons or Bow route; Spear users are stuck using their regular attack or using Take Down as a left click instead.

Onslaught TQ SkillOnslaught (Warfare): Probably the most well known skill in the entire Warfare tree, Onslaught is the main ability that you'll want to get for increasing your leveling speed. Battle Rage is a close second and helps out a lot but nothing helps more than your main attack.

Battle Rage TQ SkillBattle Rage (Warfare): Despite this ability being a passive it's one of the best abilities you can get in the Warfare tree for speeding up leveling. It gives you a flat damage boost that is extremely good early on in the game.

Wood Lore TQ SkillWood Lore (Hunting): Arguably the best skill in the entire game for Normal difficulty. This ability used to be even better but it got nerfed with the Anniversary Edition. What makes it so good is it gives you a flat Defensive Ability boost in the hundreds which is far more than you'd ever need for Normal difficulty.

Psionic Touch TQ SkillPsionic Touch (Dream): This is a great ability in Dream Mastery that will replace your left click attack and works for every build. Caster builds that use Dream Mastery typically purchase the final rank of this skill, Psionic Beam, as it transforms this ability into a more powerful version of itself that only works with Staves.