Solanum - Act 2 Broken World Story Quest

Solanum Quest Start

Solanum is the 4th and final Story Quest in Part 2 of the Broken World Expansion for Dungeon Siege 2; It begins immediately after you complete The Second Familiar Surgeon. For this quest you will need to enter the portal that Danadel created in Aman'lu and face off against Keirok the Devourer, the end boss of Part 2.

Prior to entering the Solanum portal I strongly recommend you restock on Potions at the shop since we're about to be fighting a boss.

Keirok The Devourer Boss Fight

Keirok the Devourer has one ability that you need to watch out for and that's when he slams the ground and creates fault lines across the platform. These will erupt with fire shortly after they're created dealing heavy fire damage to anyone caught in them. If you have high Fire Resistance or you out level Keirok then you'll be able to stand in these without being knocked unconscious.

I'd recommend standing in at least one of the fault lines to see how much damage you take, if they really hurt then dodge them otherwise just stand in them and go crazy DPSing Keirok. As always, if you do have to dodge them make sure you have your party set to 'Mirror Mode' that way everyone listens to you.

Tip: Using Spirit Embrace would be a good way to increase your resistances for just this fight.

Once you've defeated Keirok you'll want to collect your loot then go through the portal in the northern end of the room. You'll find yourself deep underground and greeted by a group of dwarves on the other side. This quest will now complete and you'll start the first quest of Part 3, The Dwarves of Glorydeep.