Dungeon Siege 2 F.A.Q

Dungeon Siege 2 FAQ

This guide covers a lot of the FAQs that I had while playing through Dungeon Siege 2 and answers to many questions I seen asked online about the game. For the most part the questions on this page are coming from a new player's perspective and most of the information I acquired to answer these questions comes from my own experience playing the game and internet research about the game.

In addition to this FAQ Guide you can also find a bunch of information about the game in my Dungeon Siege 2 Beginners Guide that may also help you out. Additionally I have tons more guides about this game including class guides which you can find through my Dungeon Siege 2 Guides Index.


Q: How does magic find work?

A: The character with the highest Magic Find is the only MF that counts. So if you have Lothar with 200% Magic Find and Vix with 75% you won't get a total of 275% Magic Find. You'll only get 200% Magic Find. It doesn't matter which character gets the killing blow, the Magic Find is applied to all enemies.


Q: What is the best class/build/specialization in the game?

A: This is obviously completely subjective but I recommend you read my Dungeon Siege 2 Build Guides for more information. I personally like melee characters the most because you can basically go AFK and let them clear mobs for you. More involved players may like Ranged/Mages.


Q: How do I disband A Party Member?

A: I created a video tutorial of just this because there is almost no info online. You'll find an icon in the upper left hand corner of the character's inventory window when you click on them that lets you disband them.


Q: What is the best element for Combat Mages? Fire, Lightning or Death Magic?

A: I talk about this indepth in my Combat Mage Build Guide.


Q: What is the best build for Melee? Two-hand or Dual Wield?

A: Dual Wield is the best pure damage melee build and it shines even more if you have Broken World and can put points into Fist of Stone. 2h weapons is a damage build that focuses a lot on CC as well as damage. Both builds do very good damage but I would argue DW is more overall damage.


Q: What is better, Bow and Crossbows or Throwing Weapons?

A: I find the best way to look at this is Bow and Crossbows deal the most single target damage and Throwing Weapons are great for AoE damage. If you plan to be a Blood Assassin I feel that Throwing Weapons work better for their builds.


Q: Will I get experience from killing an enemy if they are too low level?

A: This is purely my anecdotal experience but I did not notice any EXP from killing enemies 10 levels lower than me. I also did not get any EXP from enemies 10 levels higher than me either.


Q: Do you get more EXP for killing enemies your level?

A: Yes. In my experience you get diminishing returns for killing enemies that are too high level or too low level.


Q: Should I Multi-class my characters?

A: Yes and no. If you are playing the Broken World I recommend the Fist of Stone tree (Nature + Melee) as well as the Blood Assassin (Combat + Ranged) builds. For the most part I do not recommend you do something too esoteric like Melee/Combat or Ranged/Melee etc. Ranged + Nature works decently well if you want to be a Ranger + Summoner; Grasping Vines also greatly helps you out with keeping enemies distant from you.


Q: Should I get Fortitude, Toughness, Dodge, Survival and Reinforced Armor on all of my characters?

A: Yes, I personally do. Typically once my characters get 30 - 40 + I start using different weapons on them and building up all skill trees a little bit so I can purchase the powerful passives.


Q: Should I get Natural Bond if I am a Combat Mage? Or Brilliance if I am a Nature Mage?

A: Yes to both. I recommend you get Summon Bond, Summon Might and Summon Fortitude too if you're a Combat Mage who wants to empower their pet.


Q: What are Ancient Agallan Tablets Used for?

A: You can trade them to the F & K Merchant in the Dryad Outpost for really good items. The Dryad Outpost is the first town of the Broken World Expansion Pack.


Q: Where can I buy a low level bow?

A: Switch your game to the easiest difficulty and browse Merchants. Many Merchants will sell low level weapons for Multiclassing but if you can't find anything head back to Eirulan and check there.


Q: Enemies rush straight towards my healer every fight and kill him/her. Why? How do I stop this?

A: From my understanding enemies in this game attack the person in your group with the lowest Armor stat. I've experimented with this and have been able to reproduce it on my Combat Mage and Nature Mage. After boosting the Armor of my healer enemies never attacked her again and instead always went for Amren, a Ranged character I have.


Q: After defeating an enemy ??? spawned and dropped a bunch of loot when I attacked it. What? Why? How do I make it happen again?

A: Occasionally when a magic item drops you'll get an ??? to spawn which will basically be a loot pinata. If you manage to defeat it then it'll sometimes drop an item involved in this games Mysterious Quest Easter Egg


Q: What is the Golden Chalice for?

A: Nothing.


Q: Does Health Steal work for Magic attacks?

A: Yes, so does Mana Steal.


Q: What are the best Chants in the game?

A: Greater Chant of Prosperity (100% Magic Find; 200% Gold Find) and Chant of Scholars (50% more EXP and -20% HP) are my two favorite. Chant of Casting (Instant Mana Recovery) is very nice too though to use before going into boss fights as is Chant of Power (Instant Power recharge). If you're using the 30min Incantation mod for this game you can make your group literally unstoppable.


Q: What is the Mysterious Teleporter Activation Stone in Broken World for?

A: It serves no purpose. Maybe originally it was intended for something but it was never added to the game.