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Dungeon Siege 2 Build Guides

This page is the index for all of my Dungeon Siege 2 class guides. In this game there are a total of 6 specializations to choose from, 2 of which were added into the game with the Broken World Expansion Pack. Without Broken World you won't be able to play a Blood Assassin or Fist of Stone character.

In each specialization there are typically multiple routes you can choose. For example, Melee can choose a Dual Wield build, a 2h build or a more tanky build with a shield and sword. If you're a Combat Mage you can specialize in Fire, Lightning or Death damage and if you're a Ranged character you can choose between Throwing Weapons or Bows/Crossbows.

Since there was not much information online for this game when I played it in 2021 I decide to create these guides which detail all I have learned about each class in the game. I go over all of the spells I believe are worth using as well as which skills you'll want to invest in both inside and outside of your primary skill tree. Despite what they tell you at the start of the game you'll definitely want to multi-class while leveling up!

Below are links to each of the different specializations in the game - click on the one you'd like to learn more about to be taken to that page.

Blood Assassin Class Guide

Combat Mage Class Guide

Fist of Stone Class Guide

Melee Class Guide

Nature Mage Class Guide

Ranged Class Guide

There is some general advice I would like to give on this page for players that applies to all builds. First and foremost - if you want to boost your survivability then you'll want to increase your Armor stat the most. If you have characters getting knocked unconscious every battle that's no good and you'll want to remedy that by boosting your survivability.

In addition to boosting your armor I recommend you take a look at some of the more general purpose skills like Survival and Dodge in the Ranged tree. Fortitude, Toughness and Reinforced Armor in the melee tree are all very useful as well when it comes to boosting your survivability.

Casters (or anyone with high Intelligence) will want to invest some points into Chant of Stone - the Fist of Stone skill. This skill boosts your Life and Armor depending on what your current Intelligence is; the more INT you have the more of an upgrade it'll end up being.

That covers most of the general purpose skills, I go into more detail about each of these skills at the bottom of each class guide page linked to above.