Dungeon Siege 2 Beginners Guide

Dungeon Siege 2 Beginners Guide

Are you just starting out in Dungeon Siege 2 and almost completely lost? Have you been googling for information about the game and unable to find anything -- not even a wikia? Me too! I started playing Dungeon Siege 2 for the very first time in 2021 and was surprised by the complete lack of information on the game.

To remedy this I have created a Dungeon Siege 2 Beginners Guide as well as a Dungeon Siege 2 FAQ that will cover most of the basics that you need to know about the game. I've also created many more guides for the game including a complete walkthrough and guides about each specialization, check them all out by heading over to my Dungeon Siege 2 Guides Index.

I've put all of the tips on this page in no specific order and have organized them numerically.


1. Purchase Spell Books early on with good rolls on them. You'll want at least two or three Spell Books with Strength + Resistances; two with Intelligence + Resistances and two with Dexterity + Resistances. Instead of Resistances it's ok if you get Mana Regeneration or even another Stat Roll that goes along with it. The reason you want to buy these books early on is because when you level up the vendors will only sell items which your highest level characters can use. This will make it annoying for your Hybrids as they'll always be significantly behind as far as magic level goes and you won't be able to buy the best Spell Books for them since vendors won't sell them anymore.

2. Everything in the game that you can click on is shown as a blue dot on your map. That includes buttons, levers or anything else that leads to secret passages as well as War Pedestals and loot that you can pick up off the ground. The blue dots will appear on your mini map too so zoom in if you're having trouble spotting them.

3. Use +opnauticus and +imalittalteapot at the start of the game for good equipment and some extra gold

4. During each 'session' only a single copy of a unique or set item can drop. You restart your session when you log out and back in. You can use this information to your advantage, if you are looking for a specific high end item then leave your game on for very long and clear as many areas and enemies as you can. Since you can only see each unique/set item once per session you'll inevitably get the one you want.

5. Mana Steal and Health Steal work for both spells and regular attacks.

6. If you need extra storage space and don't want to download a mod that increases the size of your stash consider adopting a Pack Mule and raising it to adulthood. Any pet works but the Pack Mule comes with 3 inventories that you can fill up. You'll be able to keep him at the Inn and he'll work as another storage for you along with your shared stash.

7. From my understanding, basically everything stacks in Dungeon Siege 2 - both debuffs and buffs. Even some effects that you think would not stack such as Shred Blood (Blood Assassin) and Bleed (Ranged) do in this game.

8. Items with +Skills on them are some of the best in the game for your character

9. Figure out which Powers you want to use most on your character and unlock the highest rank you can of them first then spread out your skill points into other skills.

10. Every day/couple of days when you are done playing create a back up of your save file incase anything goes wrong. Just copy and paste the folder your save is in to another location

11. Each time a magic item drops there is a chance that ??? will appear. Each time you reduce this monsters health it'll drop more loot for you, defeat it and it'll drop a lot of loot for you as well as an item used in the Mystery Quest for this game.

12. Corpse Transmutation (Combat Magic) is one of the best spells to put in Autocast for anyone that can use it

13. Broken World doesn't have the same annoying elevators the regular game does so don't worry about using a ton of pets in that Expansion Pack!

14. Monsters seem to agro the player in your party with the lowest armor first.

15. Multi-classing is essential for making a very powerful character