Walkthrough Act 5 - Champions of Norrath

Natasla Return to Plane of Hate

The final Act of this game begins with you in the Plane of Air talking to someone by the name of Natasla. She will act as your Shop keep for the final act of this game and is also the person you'll want to speak with to return to the Plane of Hate. If you'd like you can take this opportunity to explore the Plane of Air too.

For right now all you can do in the Plane of Air is open a couple of treasure chests which you'll find scattered throughout the islands of this map. When you're ready to proceed with the story speak with Natasla and tell her that you're ready to return to the Plane of Hate.

Plane of Hate is going to be filled with enemies (go figure) and you'll have to defeat them all on your way to the next map. What you want to keep your eye out for is a wide open area with a locked door located on the side of a cliff. After examining the locked door you'll want to run around the area until the Greater Minion boss spawns.

Greater Minion Boss Fight

The Greater Minion has a ground pound close range attack which will deal a lot of damage and a ranged bow-like attack which deals a moderate amount of damage. He can also summon fire storms which will deal damage for every second that you stand in it. If you're someone who uses ranged attacks this should be an easy fight since there are enough rocks and pillars around to mess with the Greater Minion's pathing quite a bit.

Melee classes may have a bit more trouble with this boss but so long as you potion constantly you should be able to handle him (as with all bosses). Once the Greater Minion has been defeated the door that was previously locked will now be open; when you go through you'll find yourself in the Cauldron of Souls.

When you first enter into the Cauldron of Souls you'll find a Portal Stone which you'll want to activate. How this next part of the game works is a bit different than what we've done so far. Connected to the Cauldron of Souls will be numerous dungeons, all of which have the name Halls of Despair.

Each of these Halls of Despair will have 3 - 4 "souls" in them that will follow you throughout the dungeon. Your goal is to lead these souls to the Plane of Air portals at the end of each Hall of Despair map. In order to complete this part of the game you will need to successfully lead a total of 6 souls to the Plane of Air so that Natasla can rescue them.

Return to the Plane of Air

The catch to this is that enemies will attack the souls first while you're escorting them and you will be required to protect them. In total there are 5 Halls of Despair dungeons and you only need to complete 3 of them. Once you've saved enough souls you can continue with the next part of the game or you can choose to clear all of the Halls of Despair dungeons for the most EXP.

Once you teleport back to the Plane of Air with the souls you'll have to take the nearby Portal Stone to return to the Cauldron of Hate. The Cauldron of Hate is the lobby room that connects to all of the Halls of Despair and to Innoruuk's Lair.

When you have rescued all of the souls that Natasla needs she will dispel the fiery barrier that blocks the path to the Lair of Innoruuk which is the final bosses dungeon. Right now we will be fighting the final boss but we won't actually be able to defeat him yet. Our goal for now is to destroy the seals in his arena and free Firiona Vie; you'll want to do your best to avoid Innoruuk while doing this.

Firiona Vie Seals

The seals that you need to destroy can be found all around the arena, they are black skull statues - as shown in my screenshot above. You can destroy these seals with regular melee or ranged attacks, all it takes is a few hits to break them. Once you've destroyed all of them Firiona Vie will call you over to her and she'll teleport you and herself back to the Plane of Air.

Back in the Plane of Air Firiona Vie will explain to you that you need to claim some blessing so that you can actually damage the Prince of Hate. You'll find the shrine that we need on a small island in the Plane of Air, use my screenshot below if you need help finding the exact shrine that I am talking about.

When you receive the blessing you will be instantly teleported back to Innoruuk's room where the final boss fight will begin in earnest. For this reason you need to do all of your preparation right now before activating the shrine and receiving your blessing. Purchase whatever health and mana potions you need for the upcoming fight, save your game and then proceed.

Plane of Air Shrine

Innoruuk Boss Fight

Innoruuk is the final boss of this game and he is absolutely no pushover. Almost all of his attacks will knock you back/down when they hit you which will leave you vulnerable for follow up attacks (which will likely kill you). Unlike throughout the rest of the game where you return to a Checkpoint if you die - now you go back to the Title Screen which makes it 10x more annoying.

The main attacks you have to watch out for during this fight are his melee ones because they deal the most damage. You don't want to melee Innoruuk even if you're a melee build/class - he just hits too hard. Innoruuk's only ranged attacks are a trio of fire balls that he shoots out and an energy beam. You can dodge the fire balls pretty easily once you learn the attack.

When fighting Innoruuk you have 2 openings where you can score a decent chain of hits on him. One of which happens when he drops his hammer and charges up his hand. In my experience you typically have 3 or so seconds to whack him when this happens. The other opportunity is when he uses his energy beam attack. Usually you'll be able to get some long ranged hits in during that attack.

All in all, you'll probably have to spend some time learning Innoruuk's attacks so that you can dodge them. You'll also probably have to keep retrying this fight until luck is on your side and you're allowed to win. With my Wizard I beat him on my 2nd try but with my Barbarian and Shadow Knight it took me at least 10 tries to eliminate him.

Once Innoruuk is defeated you'll get a laggy scene of him dying and you'll be given some time to pick up the loot before the credits roll. Don't forget to save your completed character if you plan on continuing with him on the next difficulty.


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