Star Fox Adventures Walkthrough

Star Fox Adventures is one of the few games I played for Gamecube growing up. I honestly didn't remember jack shit about it when I played it recently, so it was pretty much a whole new experience. That said, I picked this game up because I thought it was going to be an action adventure game... It's definitely labeled that way.

The truth is, this game is pretty much just puzzle after puzzle. There really is no action element to it except for the boss fights. The puzzles aren't too bad, they start to get tedious towards the end though. The most annoying part too is dungeons are extremely small, usually like 8 rooms or so which means puzzles are usually stacked on top of each other. Not only are you stuck doing an insane amount of puzzles, they're all in the same identical looking rooms.

All in all though I did have fun playing the game, I don't beat games I don't like so that definitely says something. This whole game could honestly use a walkthrough but at least for now I'd like to cover games that have more of a demand first that I enjoy more. Maybe I will write a full on walkthrough for this game one day!

The only two guides I have written for the game are a guide explaining a little bit about Cheat Tokens and a guide to beating the last boss, Andross.


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