Star Fox Adventures - Andross

If you've played the other Star Fox games then you know Andross is typically the end boss of the series. Since he is the end boss in this game too that means you won't be fighting him on the ground in the traditional sense like all the other bosses, you'll be fighting him using your Arwing in space. If you found this page it's probably because you found him to be a real pain in the ass too. I don't think they ever taught us how to use the Arwing and if they did I surely forgot how to use it.

Andross starts off with a Krazoa like face as seen in the picture below. What you need to do for the first phase is to blast out his eyes and the gemstone on his head. His attacks are pretty trivial during this part and you should be able to figure out how to avoid them on your own.

Andross Krazoa Mask

This next part is pretty annoying. What you need to do is blast both of the gemstones on Andross' hands and avoid him sucking you in. During this phase he also has a spitting rock attack which is your only chance to heal during this whole fight. Inside the rocks are rings which you can fly through for some extra health. But you'll need to get out of the area fast because if Andross sucks you in you have to start the fight over from the beginning again. It's a total nightmare.

The secret to avoid being sucked in and getting past this part is using both your barrel roll and your booster. So, the Y button and either the left or right bumper/trigger it doesn't matter. Spamming this should allow you to narrowly avoid Andross' attacks.

Andross Health Ring Attack

After you destroy both of Andross' hands he will return to his Krazoa side. Defeat him the same way as last time and force him to flip back over to his monkey side. You will have to repeat this part yet again, blasting away at his hands and avoiding being sucked in. After you blast away both of his hands on the third phase your compadre Falco will appear and hook you up with some bombs.

You'll wanna fire these bombs into Andross' mouth when he uses the rock attack on you in order to make his brain appear and thus making him vulnerable. This is the final thing you need to do so blast away at his brain as much as you can each time you make it vulnerable. Eventually you'll take out Andross and beat Star Fox Adventures!