Star Fox Adventures - Cheat Tokens

Throughout the game in each level there is a well that you can lean into and speak with... well, something - that will sell you a Cheat Token for 20 scarabs. Cheat Tokens can be taken to the Game Well Maze and thrown into the well to unlock a cheat or to reveal a hidden message. They aren't a requirement to beating the game and are just a silly side quest of sorts. You will find the very first well in the center of the store in Thorntail Hollow.

Once you've received a Cheat Token and are ready to head to the Game Well Maze you'll want to speak with the giant Warpstone guy in Thorntail Hollow. He'll be able to port you on over to the Game Well Maze.

Game well maze

Once there you'll have to navigate through an annoying maze to find the well. The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Now, as for the Cheat Tokens, there are 8 of them you can get in total and as aforementioned each well is in a different area of the game. One is in Ice Mountain, one is in Thorntail Hollow, one is in Moon Mountain Pass yadda yadda. Here is a location of all 8 wells.

Cheat Token Well

Well #1 - In the middle of the store in Thorntail Hollow

Well #2 - The cannon that shoots at you in Ice Mountain, use a Bomb Spore on the patch of dirt nearby to blast open a cave

Well #3 - You will want to ride a piece of ice down the icy river in SnowHorn Wastes. It's at the end of the river.

Well #4 - Right before the second Krazoa shrine in Moon Mountain Pass plant a Moon Seed at the patch of dirt to find the second well

Well #5 - In Lightfoot Village you'll find a Rocket Booster Pad in the forested area of the zone. You can use this to reach this well.

Well #6 - Use the cannon in Cape Claw towards the end of the game to blow open a wall near the Ocean Force Point Temple.

Well #7 - When you exit the Volcano Force Point Temple plant a Moon Seed in the patch of dirty nearby. Climb up it to find the well

Well #8 - In Ocean Force Point Temple once you pass the electric floors go to the right to find the Portal Door.

Cheat Token

Here is a list of all the things that handing in the Cheat Tokens do.

Peppy will display Staff Credits at Main Menu

Slippy will perform a Sound Test on the Main Menu

An Ingame Message "His Life-Force is strong. His existence is like a virus. I can hear his breath in every corner of space. He will not only use the evil hearts of others. But he can also corrupt those that are good."

Another Ingame Message "You are meant to be together. It was your destiny. Together as one you will bring peace."

Another Ingame Message "A friend who has left, still cares about you. The bond of your friendship still remains. He will soon appear before you. And you should accept him with all your heart."

Sepia Mode unlocked (The game will be Black and White)

Another Ingame Message "I can see you have matured into a strong leader. I am always there with you. Never give up... Trust your instincts... My son..."

Another Ingame Message "There is sorrow ahead. A close friend does not have much time left. It will be hard to accept but you will grow."