Lost Kingdoms Walkthrough

Lost Kingdoms is an extremely unique experience and honestly feels like mostly an experimental game. You can really tell the company made the game hastily not knowing whether or not their audience would like it. It really feels like they just didn't put in the amount of depth that a normal game would have. The story takes about 6hrs to complete and the side missions another 3 or so. After that the game's over unless you want to collect all the Red Fairies (why?).

That said though, those few hours you spend playing are well spent and quite a bit of fun. We really haven't seen a game like Lost Kingdoms and that's a shame because of how much fun the card system is. If you're really interested in trying out the Lost Kingdoms series I highly recommend you start with the second game as it is way more polished than the first. How to play will stick with you from the first Lost Kingdoms to the second or vice versa so playing both back to back or within a short time frame is highly recommended.

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My walkthrough covers each level of the game and is the most extensive guide I have written for the game. Similarly, the guide covering the Legendary Cards is equally as extensive as my main walkthrough. The other guide I have written for the Bonus Levels isn't as informative but it's still useful for new players who are unsure of how to access the bonus levels. I kind of got bored at the end with the game and didn't feel like writing a step by step for each bonus level as I did with the other guides.


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