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Weapons - Grandia

This is the list of Weapons in the game Grandia. On this page, you'll find all the weapons featured in the game, along with their respective stats. If you're also interested in Abilities, Armors, Items, and Spells, simply follow one of the links below to access their dedicated pages.


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Zero Sword: Sword used for training.

Wooden Sword: +7 Attack.

Woobly Sword: +9 Attack.

Ceramic Sword: +12; Sword made in Parm.

Admiral's Sword: +14 attack; A little rusty.

Great Sword: +16 attack; Sword made in Elencia.

Army Saber: +22 attck; Army-issue sword.

The Sword Himmler: +24 attack; Gadwin's famous sword.

Dragon Killer: +26 attack; Effective on dragons.

Swordfish Sword: +29 attack; The sword of a swordfish.

Shadow Sword: +34 attack; -15 move Sudden Death.

Gil Sword: +38 attack; Aims for rare items.

Fire Sword: +38 attack, Att; fire.

Ice Blade: +40 attack, Att; Blizzard.

Silence Sword: +40 attack; Magic block effect.

Main Gauche: +44 attack, +10 defense.

Battle Saber: +48 attack; A huge sword.

Holy Sword Lorenzo: +49 attack; Reduces defense of enemy.

Lightning Sword: +50 attack, Att; Thunder.

Spirit Sword: +70 attack; Restores SP in attacks.

100 Sword: +100 attack.


Blunt Weapons

Rusty Shovel: +2 attack

Officer's Baton: +7 attack; Three-part rod.

Metal Bat: +10 attack; Light and easy to use.

Miner's Hammer: +11 attack; Hammer used in mining.

Iron Mace: +19 attack; -10 action Heavy.

Holy Mace: +20 attack; Effective on ghosts.

Home Run Hammer: +36 attack; Belts 'em out.

War Hammer: +43 attack; -10 move.

Lassic Hammer: +50 attack; A huge hammer.

Hertz Spike: +65 attack; Sudden Death Best mace.

100 Fire Mace: +100 attack; Fire attribute.


Rods and Staves

Zero Rod; A mace rod for training.

Wooden Pole: +5 attack; An ordinary wooden pole.

Oracle's Staff: +22 attack; Cure Confusion.

Fire Rod: +25 attack, Att; fire.

Raincloud Staff: +26 attack, Water attribute.

Aromatic Tree Root: +33 attack; Unblocks magic in combat.

Warp Staff: +38 attack; Warps in combat.

Sparkling Rod: +42 attack; Speeds up spell casting.

General's Staff: +55 attack; Restores HP in attacks.

Staff of Life: +58 attacks; +2 HP level in combat.

Magic Rod: +60 attack; +2 Magic power level.

Spirit Staff: +63 attack; Halvah in combat.

100 Mace: +100 attack.



Zero Ax: Ax for training.

Bent Mattock: +5 attack; Bent and useless.

Ceremonial Rock Ax: +5 attack; Small, one-handed ax.

Hand Ax: +10 attack; -3 move Small ax.

Big Hatchet: +18 attack; Effective against plants.

Woodchopper's Ax: +23 attack; Effective against plants.

Klepp's Sickle: +25 attack; Weapon of Klepp Soldiers.

Frog Ax: +28 attack; Has a frog emblem.

Wrecking Ax: +35 attack, Att; Explosion.

Dragon Bone Ax: +38 attack; -10 move Heavy.

Bone Splitter Ax: +41 attack; Causes sudden death.

Buster Ax: +52 attack; -25 move Very heavy.

Earthen Ax: +68 attack, Att; Explosion.



Zero Knife: Short sword for training.

Ruination Knife: -40 defense +3 Combo hits.

Paring Knife: +9 attack; Good for cutting fruit.

Rusty Knife: +15 attack.

Hunter's Knife: +18 attack; Light and easy to use.

Flint Knife: +20 attack; An obsidian knife.

Gust Knife: +24 attack, Att; Wind.

Azure Knife: +25 attack, Att; Water.

Shocking Knife: +33 attack; Causes paralysis.

Poisoned Knife: +35 attack.

Thief Cutter: +35 attack; Aims for items.

Ice Pick: +38 attack, Att; Blizzard.

Knife of Judgement: +38 attack; Effective on ghosts.

Assassin's Dagger: +50 attack; Extremely lethal.

Bloody Dagger: +55 attack; Effective on humans.

Godspeed Knife: +60 attack; +30 action.

Force Knife: +65 attack; Ups attack range.



Zero Whip: Whip for training.

Leather Whip: +9 attack.

Thorny Whip: +15 attack.

Mist-Cracking Whip: +20 attack; Good on nebulous monsters.

Gale Whip: +27 attack, Att; Wind.

Burning Hot Whip: +30 attack, Att; Explosion.

Giant Snake Whip: +33 attack; Poisonous.

Morning Star: +40 attack; -15 move Heavy iron ball.

Catfish Whiskers: +43 attack, Att; Water used as Whip.

Emperor's Whip: +53 attack; +2 moves power level.

Binding Whip: +56 attack; Temporarily binds enemy.

Whip of Light: +65 attack; +2 skill power level.



Toy Bow and Arrow: +5 attack; A child's toy.

Hunter's Bow: +16 attack; Hunter's bow and arrow.

Flint Bow: +20 attack; With obsidian arrowheads.

Hail Bow: +20 attack, Att; Blizzard.

Flying Fish Bow: +25 attack.

Exorcising Bow: +45 attack; Effective on ghosts.

Thunder Arrow: +50 attack; Long range.

Shurikens and Boomerangs

Zero Shuriken: Shuriken for training.

Handmade Darts: +7 attack; Fly surprisingly well.

Army Darts: +18 attack; For covert actions.

Cafu Shuriken: +26 attack; Made of Cafu iron.

Angel's Darts: +28 attack; Restores HP during attack.

Boomerang: +33 attack; Used for hunting.

Cactus Thorns: +38 attack; Sharp and painful.

Fire Darts: +41 attack, Att; Fire.

Ice Boomerang: +46 attack, Att; Blizzard.

Discus: +53 attack; Effective on insects.

Demonslayer Boomer: +60 attack; Effective on demons.

Evil Shuriken: +64 attack; +20 action Best shuriken.



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