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Abilities - Grandia

This is the list of Abilities of the game Grandia. On this page, you'll find all the abilities featured in the game, along with their respective effects. If you're looking for Armors, Items, Spells, and Weapons, simply follow one of the links below to access their respective pages.


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"Rah-Rah" Cheer: Restore some HP to the party by cheering.

Deathsword: Sudden death to 1 enemy by sword

Midair Cut: Is a skill that Justin learns which consists of a powerful spinning critical attack. This ability is ranged.

Milda Hit: Random punching and kicking sounds.

Mist Hide: Warps self in the blink of an eye.

Mogay Bomb: Slows enemy IP to minimum.

Doppelganger: Divide into many and attack 1 enemy.

Dragon Cut: Is an ability that Gadwin has initially and can later be taught to Justin.

Dragon Slash: Inflicting a large amount of damage on all enemies. 

Demon Ball: It costs 40 SP to use, which is just under half of the stronger version, Neo Demon Ball, which attacks all enemies.

Eruption Cut: It is a signature ability of Gadwin.

Fire Away: It is a signature ability of Sue.

Fire Whip: Is a skill exclusive to Feena in Grandia.

Flying Dragon Cut: It is a signature ability of Gadwin.

Heaven and Earth Cut: It is Justin's most powerful melee move.

Ice Slash: A skill that Justin learns after training with the axe, as well as both wind and water magic.

Immortal Aura: A skill that Justin learns after obtaining high levels in all three of his weapon types.

Lotus Cut: A skill that Justin learns after learning Fire magic and increasing his expertise with the sword.

Puffy Fire: Range attack by breathing fire.

Puffy Kick: Attack one enemy by throwing Puffy.

Round Whacker: Range attack with shock waves.

Shockwave: A skill that Justin learns which is a ranged attack that can also hit multiple enemies.

Thor Cut: A skill that Justin learns after extensively using the sword, as well as both fire and wind magic.

V-Slash: A skill that Justin has initially at the beginning of the game.

W-Break: A skill that Justin learns after honing his ability in both the sword and mace.

Zap! Whip: This targets only a single enemy and deals high Lighting-elemental damage, depending on the enemies' fire and wind resistances.



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