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Felyne Kitchen (One Chef) Recipes - MHFU & MHF2 Guides

This page includes a list of all the recipes you can make with 1 Felyne in your Kitchen. How the Felyne Kitchen works is pretty straight forward, you pick two food items from a list and your cat chefs will make you a meal using those two ingredients. Depending on how many chefs you have in the Kitchen the ingredients you have available will change as do the combinations.

Combining Meat and Vegetables may make you something good when you have 3 Felyne Chefs but once you upgrade to 4 it could make you sick. For this reason it's important to either memorize or have a 'quick list' of information (like this guide) so you know what combinations do what.

If you want information about other Felyne Chef combinations follow the links below to be taken to those pages instead.


Felyne Kitchen Combination Lists
- One Felyne
- Two Felyne
- Three Felyne
- Four Felyne
- Five Felyne


(Key) Food Type: Which of the foods available fall into that category

MeatMeat: Meat Scraps, Rubbery Jerky, Tough Meat

BranBran: Chunky Rice, Furahiya Wheat, Mixed Beans

FishFish: Bone Taco, Clamchip, Scalefish

FruitFruit: Oily Raisins

VegetableVegetable: Jungle Onion, Pumpkin, Twinshroom

DairyDairy: Powdered Cheese, Sticky Cream

DrinkDrink: Hopi


(Key) Ingredient 1 and 2: Effect Given

MeatMeat + MeatMeat: +10 Health

MeatMeat + BranBran: +10 Health

MeatMeat + FishFish: -25 Stamina

MeatMeat + FruitFruit: Nothing

MeatMeat + VegetableVegetable: +25 Stamina

MeatMeat + DairyDairy: Nothing

MeatMeat + DrinkDrink: Attack Up Small

BranBran + BranBran: +25 Stamina

BranBran + FishFish: +10 Health

BranBran + FruitFruit: +3 Ice Resistance

BranBran + VegetableVegetable: -25 Stamina

BranBran + DairyDairy: Nothing

BranBran + DrinkDrink: -25 Stamina

FishFish + FishFish: Attack Up Small

FishFish + FruitFruit: -10 Health

FishFish + VegetableVegetable: +25 Stamina

FishFish + DairyDairy: Nothing

FishFish + DrinkDrink: +10 Defense

FruitFruit + VegetableVegetable: +20 Health

FruitFruit + DairyDairy: +25 Stamina

FruitFruit + DrinkDrink: -10 Health

VegetableVegetable + VegetableVegetable: +10 Defense

VegetableVegetable + DairyDairy: Nothing

VegetableVegetable + DrinkDrink: Nothing

DairyDairy + DairyDairy: Nothing

DairyDairy + DrinkDrink: -10 Health