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The Professor's Protege - Coernix Station

The Professors Protege Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: None
Location: Coernix Station
Rewards: 3,000 EXP & Star Pendant

This quest is accepted at an empty spot on the ground at Coernix Station, the first place you visit during Disc 3. After accepting the quest you'll need to speak to Sania who is a lady standing nearby, this will put a marker on your map to the south. Be sure to pick up the Debased Coin on the ground in front of Sania too, it's useful for Elemancy Spell Combines.

Before heading to the marker on your map for this quest I strongly recommend you pick up the other quests in town as well as the Hunts at the Diner, if you haven't already. The Galloping Garula and Beasts Wallow in the Wetlands both take place in the same location as this quest, as does the A Stone-Studded Stunner quest from Dino, Emergency Delivery from Takka and The Ever Gleaming Regalia Quest from Cindy.

Each of the five Red Frogs that you need for this quest are hidden pretty well throughout this area, so I have marked each of their locations on my mini map below! You'll find a Red Frog in each of the areas circled in red on my map below.

Tip: When you get near one of the frogs for this quest you'll be able to hear croaking. If you're having trouble finding a frog, go to where the croaking is the loudest and you'll find him.

The Professors Protege Red Frog Locations

Once you've collected all 5 of the Red Frogs and completed the other quests in the area you're free to return to Sania at Coernix Station to turn in the quest. Completing this quest will unlock the next one in the chain, The Professor's Protege - Yellow Frogs.










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