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Sacred Card - FF8 Guide

Sacred Card Obtained

Location: Tomb of the Unknown King
Region: N/A
NPC: Sacred/Minotaur Fight
Card Mod: 100 Dino Bone
First Available: Disc 1

The Sacred Card can be acquired at the end of Disc 1 by completing the optional portion of Tomb of the Unknown King. It's highly recommended you do this since you'll not only get the Minotaur Card and Sacred Card but the Brothers GF. Note: The Sacred Card is used in the Queen of Cards Side Quest so it's highly recommended you do not Card Mod it until after you've completed this part of the quest.

On Disc 4 if you completed the Card Club Side Quest you'll be able to play members of the CC Group on Lunar Base and win this card as well as many other Rare Cards from them. This quest must be completed prior to the end of Disc 3 for you to take advantage of it during Disc 4.

Sacred Card Mod Dino Bones

After losing the Sacred Card to the Queen of Cards and winning it back from the kid in the Dollet Artist's house you're free to Card Mod it. You'll get 100 Dino Bones for Card Moding this card which aren't very useful since they're so easy to come by.

Dino Bones are used in creating Irvine's Ultimate Weapon, Exeter as well as able to be turned into Quake magic using (Time Mag-RF).

(Time Mag-RF) Dino Bone: 20 Quake Magic





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