Dollet Artist Quest - FF8 Guide

Dollet Artists House

This quest is a short little quest that can be completed the second time you visit Dollet during Disc 1. The longer you wait to complete this quest the better the rewards you will get. On Disc 1 the rewards are total garbage (Potion, Phoenix Down etc) but on Disc 3 they're somewhat decent. You'll get an X-Potion instead of a Potion and an Elixir but that's about it.

If you ask me the rewards for this quest suck all around so it's totally up to you if you want to wait or not. When you're ready to begin the quest you'll want to go to the Artist's House in Dollet (pictured above). Examine the painting in the center of the room and when you exit the building Squall will notice that the dog is no longer there.

Dollet Artist White Bone

Proceed north two screens and you will be in the Town Square where you can find the dog on the right hand side of the screen. Your reward will change depending on what Disc you're on, but when you look under the bone you'll receive an item. Return to the Artist's House for another scene and you'll also notice that the painting has changed. Get the pattern now?

Here are all three of the locations you need to visit for the quest. Each time you visit a location return here for a new painting and examine it.

1. In the Town Square near the Silence Draw Point
2. Outside the pub's entrance
3. Outside the Artist's House

After getting the loot from under the final bone there will be a scene and that's it for the quest. For those of you who don't already know this, playing the kid in a game of cards will allow you regain whatever Rare cards that you lost to the Queen of Cards. He's apparently her son or kid brother or something like that. Everywhere online says he's her son, but he looks too old for that and she's never mentioned it in game so.