How to get the Doomtrain GF - FF8 Guide

Solomon Ring Received

The Doomtrain GF side quest can be completed when you arrive in the area around Esthar during Disc 3... Assuming you've collected the required items before coming to this area then the final item you'll need is the Solomon Ring which is obtained from Tears' Point in the area around Esthar.

You can find Tears' Point in the southeastern portion of the Esthar area, use my map below and the screenshots on this page for better guidance. Soloman Ring is easy to locate once inside Tears' Point, just run up to the large middle area and search there.

If you have the other required items all you need to do is open your inventory and use the Solomon Ring item (much like you did with the Magical Lamp for Diablos). This will give you Doomtrain. For a list of the other required items and how to obtain them, scroll down.

Tears Point Map LocationTears Point Location

You need a total of 18 items along with the Soloman Ring to summon Doomtran. 6 Steel Pipes, which you can mug from Wendigo enemies in the forests around Galbadia Garden. 6 Remedy+ items which you can make with the Med LV Up Ability (Alexander learns this ability) and 6 Marlboro Tentacles, Card Moded from Marlboro Cards or dropped by Marlboro Enemies.

Here is an easier to read format/list of all 18 of the required items:

6 Steel Pipe (Mugged from Wendigo enemies)
6 Remedy+ (Med LV Up on 60 Remedy Items)
6 Marlboro Tentacles (4 Marlboro Cards per tentacle) - also farmed in Grandidi Forest

Incase you're still confused on where to obtain some of these items, I have provided additional pictures and information below about some of the required items.


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Marlboro Tentacles

Marlboro Enemy in battleGrandidi Forest Map Location

Early on in the game the best place and only place for you to farm Marlboro Tentacles is from Grandidi Forest. In order to reach this location you'll need to have completed the Roaming Forest portion of the Chocobo Forests Side Quest. Or, you'll have to complete it now before proceeding.

You'll need access to the Chocobo from this forest which you'll then ride across some of the shallows and to the Grandidi Forest. If you'd like to see a video of how to get from the Roaming Forest to the Grandidi Forest follow the link provided.

Note: If you have the Ragnarok when you're reading this you can also do Island Closest to Hell or Island Closest to Heaven for Marlboro enemies.

Marlboro Junctioning Advice:

ST-Def: Make sure you are immune to Sleep, Confuse and Petrify. It's also recommended you make yourself immune to Berserk too.

ST-Atk: Ice

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Steel Pipes - Wendigo Enemies

Wendigo Enemy during battle

As aforementioned the best place for you to farm Steel Pipes is from the Wendigo enemies in the forest near Galbadia Garden. Equip Mug on whomever has Diablos and wack the Wendigo enemy a few times in battle to steal a Steel Pipe.

If you'd like to see the exact location of the forest I am talking about then head over to the Grendel Farming near Galbadia Garden Guide that I keep linking to.