Chocobo Forest Side Quest - FF8 Guide

Chocobo Beginners forest

The Chocobo Forest Side Quest begins by entering the Chocobo Forest (pictured above) on the small northern most snowy continent, just south of Shumi Village. Inside of this forest you'll find a boy named Chocoboy who will give you a ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner as well as explain how to use them for 1000 Gil. Pay up as his explanation will be just as useful as mine and Gil is practically useless in this game now.

For this quest you will want to use the ChocoSonar to locate the Chicobos inside of the Chocobo Forest then use the ChocoZiner to draw them out. Once you've drawn out a Chicobo with ChocoZiner you'll have to interact with it to summon the mother Chocobo.

There are a total of 6 different Chocobo Forests in the world for you to find for this side quest. All of them are marked on my map below if you're having trouble finding any of them.

Chocobo Forest Map Locations
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Sometimes there are additional steps involved, if there are more than two Chicobos per forest you usually have to send a few "back up in the trees" before interacting with the one that summons the mother. I will talk more about this on the forests that require it. For now, let's just go over the first forest - the Beginner's Forest.

Beginners Forest Location 1Beginners Forest Location 2

After speaking with the Chocoboy you'll want to go to the back left area (pictured above) and use the ChocoSonar. You'll notice the bar goes up and it makes the same noise that you were told to look out for. Remember this for future Chocobo Forests.

Press Square to switch to the ChocoZiner and after you do use that too. A Chicobo will come down from the treetops, interact with it to summon the mother Chocobo. After you've done this you'll want to go to the top right corner and use the ChocoZiner again to get the Chocobo to dig up the Aura Stone for you. That's all you have to do in this Chocobo Forest.

There are a total of 5 more Chocobo Forests across the world that you can visit and complete. You can do these in almost any order you want but you should try to do them in the order they're listed, which is also their order of difficulty.



Basic Chocobo Forest

Roaming Chocobo Forest

Chocobo Forest of Solitude

Chocobo Forest of Fun

The Enclosed Chocobo Forest


When you're done all 6 of the Chocobo Forests you'll also be able to go to the Chocobo Sanctuary and obtain the Chicobo Card. The Chocobo Sanctuary is able to be reached by riding a Chocobo northeast from the Roaming Chocobo Forest across the water. If you'd like to see a video of how to get to Chocobo Sanctuary then follow the link provided.