Farming Ultimate Weapon Mats by Galbadia Garden - FF8 Guide

Grendel Farming Location near Galbadia

This is a good early grinding location if you want to get some of the rarest items for multiple character's Ultimate Weapons. Squall, Zell and Rinoa all use items for their Ultimate Weapons that drop from enemies inside this forest.

You can encounter Anacondaur and Wendigo enemies by running around anywhere in the forest but in order to encounter Grendels you'll want to hug the northern wall, shown in my screenshot above. When you hug the northern wall, for whatever reason you have a 100% chance to encounter Grendels.

Here are the items that you will want to keep an eye out for while farming here:

Dragon Fang: Dropped by Grendels, used in Squall's Lionheart

Dragon Skins: Dropped by Anacondaurs & Grendels (Used for Zell's Ehrgeiz)

Steel Pipe: Dropped by Wendigos (Used for Irvine's second best weapon + refinement)

Windmill: Dropped by Thrustaevis enemies in the dirt areas around Galbadia Garden (used in Rinoa's Shooting Star)

2 Ochu Tentacles & 2 Dragon Skins can be used to make Quistis's second best weapon Red Scorpion.

Dragon Fang ReceivedGrendel Enemy

Don't forget too that you can Card enemies using Quezacotl's ability which will result in 0 EXP for the battle. You'll still get AP along with the drops, just no EXP. The reason for doing it this way is because in Final Fantasy 8 the enemies level up with you.

Keeping your level very low throughout the game will make the game easier, of course if you're looking for a challenge the opposite is also true.


Thrustaevis enemy
Thrustaevis enemies found in the dirt area and drop Windmill.

When you've collected all of the items you need from the forest near Galbadia you can also hunt in the dirt plains which is where you will find Thrustaevis enemies (pictured below). These drop Windmill items which are used in Rinoa's Ultimate Weapon, Shooting Star.

Windmill can also be refined using T Mag-RF into Tornado Magic, which is one of the most powerful Junction magic you can get at this level range. 1 Windmill = 20 Tornado, if you'd like to stock up with your characters it won't take you very long.



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