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Zell Fixing Machinery

One of the lesser known benefits of the Deep Sea Research Center is the fixed encounters that you can exploit in the bottom portion of the area. In order to get these fixed encounters you'll need to have Zell in your party so that you get the same dialogue shown in the screenshot above.

The fixed encounters in the bottom portion here are tied to this little event with Zell as well as how much steam pressure you have. Below 14 steam pressure and no Zell, no fixed encounters. Basically, when you enter the dungeon use only a single RSP per floor and you'll be fine. If you messed up the puzzle you can always reset it at the top by examining the first panel.

As for the Fixed Encounters you'll find Tri-Face enemies, Grendels, Imps, Behemoths, Ruby Dragons and Iron Giants. Out of all these the one that is the most farmable is Tri-Face. You'll find these enemies in the first room (shown in the screenshot below).

Tri-face fixed encounter areatri-face fixed encounter

Tri-face enemies drop the Curse Spike item which is probably the main item that you will be farming here. In the room pictured above you'll find three fixed encounters against Tri-Face enemies - after which you can leave the room and enter it again to reset them.

Curse Spikes can be used for a Rosetta Stone if you need it or Luck-J Scrolls; you should also save a few for Selphie's Strange Vision Ultimate Weapon while doing this all. It's up to you how far you'd like to take this... You only need 1 Rosetta Stone assuming you only got the one in Esthar earlier in the game from the shop. If you were lucky enough to get a Rosetta Stone during Disc 2 in the Galbadia Prison then you don't need any of them at all.

You will need one Luck-J Scroll if you're trying to max everyone out in usefulness as well as 2 Rosetta Stones. As aforementioned, there's been multiple opportunities prior for you to collect Rosetta Stones... One of which is still available in Esthar. You'll have another opportunity for a Rosetta Stone in Ultimecia Castle too. It's up to you if you'd like to get one now or wait until Disc 4.

Either way, before you complete Deep Sea Research Center and get Eden it's recommended you get at least 1 Dark Matter and another 100 Curse Spikes (so 200 Curse Spikes in total). Farming some of the other Fixed Encounters is beneficial too since they have other valuable items.

(Tool-RF) 100 Curse Spike: 1 Dark Matter

(Tool-RF) 1 Dark Matter: 1 Shaman Stone

(GFAbl Med-RF) 1 Shaman Stone: 1 Rosetta Stone

(GFAbl Med-RF) 1 Dark Matter: Luck-J Scroll

Note: The second Luck-J Scroll you need will come from the Obel Lake Side Quest.

Don't forget that you can Card the Tri-face enemies too which will prevent you from getting EXP (good if you don't want to level up) but also gives you an additional means of getting Curse Spikes.

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The second set of fixed encounters that are worth farming are Behemoths. You'll find these guys on the third screen, the same screen that you find the Triple Draw Point on. In fact, if you're interested in more than just the Tri-face enemies I recommend you basically run a circuit through this entire dungeon. You can grab the Ultima Draw Point at the bottom then the Triple Draw Point along with all the fixed encounters along the way.

Behemoth FightArea with Behemoths

Depending on your strategy the Behemoth enemies are either going to be a major pain in the ass for you to a piece of cake. In my experience the majority of their attacks are them casting Meteor so if you Silence them, you basically eliminate the threat... as well as the annoyingly long attack animation.

Keep in mind too that Behemoths drop 3 different items, (Barrier, Giant's Ring and Energy Crystal) but you can only Mug Barrier from them. While Barrier is the most useful of them all the rest do serve a purpose too, especially Energy Crystals.

Barrier (100% Mug Chance; 69.5% chance on drop)

(GFAbl Med-RF) 50 Barrier: 1 Aegis Amulet

Aegis Amulet teaches a GF the Eva-J ability which is only available from two GFs in the game, Cactuar and Eden. That means if you want all 3 characters to have every available Junction you will need at least 1 Aegis Amulet for a perfect game.



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