Obel Lake Side Quest - FF8 Guide

Obel Lake Humming

To begin the Obel Lake quest you'll first need to complete the Lunar Base on Disc 3. Once you've progressed past this part of the game and have the Ragnarok in your control you will be able to begin this quest. The lake outside of Timber is the first location you'll want to visit, the screenshots above and below will help guide you here.

For those of you that learn better through video than with using a text guide I recommend you watch my Obel Lake Side Quest Walkthrough video on Youtube. I complete the entire quest in 9 minutes, including getting the Luck-J Scroll and Three Stars item.

At the tip of the island in the middle of the lake you'll want to hum multiple times until something approachs you, then speak with it. He'll ask you to find his friend Mr. Monkey who is in the forests around Dollet (to the north of where you are, use my map below for some guidance).

Note: It's highly recommended you use Diablos's Enc-None for this entire quest otherwise you're going to get tons of random encounters.

Obel Lake Map Location

Shortly after running into the forests around Dollet you'll find Mr. Monkey. Throw a rock at it and it'll say "You Suck" then run off, move around some more in the forest to find him again then sing to it. You'll get the "You Suck" message again but that's all you need to do before returning to Obel Lake.

After telling the creature at Obel Lake about the Monkey you'll want to keep talking to it until you see all 6 clues. You need the clue to continue so make sure you get them all!

Clue #1: "Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived a happy life there."

Clue #2: "Oh yeah, do you know what? Take a break at the railroad bridge. I wonder what it means?"

Clue #3: "Oh yeah, do you know what? Take some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula. I bet it's a wonderful place."

Clue #4: "Oh yeah... You'll find something on the island east of Timber, too."

Clue #5: "Oh yeah... At the beach in Balamb, something special washes ashore at times."

Clue #6: "Oh yeah... There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and a cavern."

We only need to find the last four mentioned locations to complete the quest (Clue #3, #4, #5 and #6). Screenshots of each location can be found below to help guide you there, click on any of the pictures if you need to enlarge them.

Obel Lake Quest Map Location
All Map Locations for the Obel Lake Quest.

Clue 3 Eldbeak Peninsula
Clue #3: Eldbeak Peninsula


Clue 4 Mandy Beach
Clue #4: Mandy Beach


Clue 5 Balamb Beach
Clue #5: Balamb Beach


Clue 6 Galbadia Continent
Clue #6: Above the Waterfall on the Galbadia Continent.


Once you've found all four of the clues you will want to return to Obel Lake and keep throwing rocks until you get the message, "The rock skipped many many times". It took me a couple dozen tries until I finally saw it, so don't lose patience!

Return to the forests around Dollet and throw a rock at Mr. Monkey. He'll give you a whole paragraph of curses before disappearing. Find him again and throw another rock, he'll throw a rock back at you with the final clue that we need.

Now there are two places that we can go to get some items (our rewards for completing this quest). The first and easiest is Minde Island south of the Esthar continent. On this island you'll find a Luck-J Scroll by searching around, the exact location is pictured below.

Minde Island Luck J Scroll
Minde Island Luck-J Scroll.

The final and "best" treasure for this quest comes from the Mordred Plains which are just a tad north of Esthar, over the mountain range. In the Mordred Plains you have to search for red-faced rocks which tell you the OPPOSITE direction you have to go.

You'll also find white, blue and black rocks. White tells you a random direction, Black always says north and Blue explains what all of the rocks mean. Note: For this part it is highly recommended that you turn off the Turbo Speed on the Steam version or your Emulator. Every minor step in game will give you a different colored rock.

Mordred Plains Red Rock


What you're looking for is a red-faced rock that tells you "The treasure's not here!" - since these rocks lie, this is where the treasure is. Examine the ground here twice for the Three Stars treasure we've been after this whole time.

My screenshots show you the location of where I found the Three Stars item... I am not sure if it is the same exact location for every single person on every single save file, but hopefully this will help you narrow down a search area.

Note: The final screenshot in the bottom right shows the location of the Three Stars item in relation to Trabia Canyon (the area to the north). Use this to help position yourself properly along with the map location.

Red rock treasure is not here
three stars map locationthree stars location trabia canyon