Mythril Mine - FF7 Walkthrough

Mythril Mine Treasures 1

When you enter the Mythril Mine the very first thing you're going to want to do is go to your right and collect the treasures in this room. Don't forget to climb the vine in this room too for the Long Range Materia. If you're having trouble seeing what parts of the terrain you can interact with press the Select button (or whatever button it is for you) to bring up the arrows you see on my screen shots.

Back in the large room we entered in at the furthest south section you'll find a Mind Source. With all of those treasures collected now you can go to the western part of the dungeon where you'll meet the Turks again and get a story segment.

**Enemy Skill Tip** Keep an eye out for the Arc Dragon enemies. They'll teach you the Flamethrower Enemy Skill.

**Steal Tip** Madouge enemies here carry a Grand Glove which is a weapon for Tifa. It's sold in Junon though which is one of our next stops; so not worth going out of your way for in my opinion.

Long Range Materia
Mind Source

to Junon Area

After the story segment with the Turks you'll want to go through the northern doorway to grab the Elixir and Hi-Potion. With both these items in hand you can climb the vine and leave the mine. There's actually a lot for us to do right now that doesn't involve advancing the story forward any.


A little bit south of where we exit the Mythril Mine you'll find Fort Condor. Throughout Disc 1 and Disc 2 you can return to this place many times to participate in the Side Quest here which is kind of like a mini tower defense battle. It's completely optional except for the final battle but I find it to be a lot of fun and it gives good rewards.

In addition to Fort Condor you'll also find Yuffie in the forests around this area. She's the first "optional character" in the game for you to get and aside from being a great character she's involved in another major side quest series during Disc 2 which you won't want to miss.



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