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Junon Map Locations

Junon is the first town that you run into after completing the Mythril Mine since technically Fort Condor isn't a town. If you're just getting to this guide now, I would recommend you grab Yuffie before crossing the ocean. For more information about her head over to my Yuffie Character Unlock Guide.

Shortly after we enter the town we're going to be getting into a boss fight so make sure you're healed and your characters are prepped for what's coming. The boss is found on the beach which is reached by going out the town's southern exit and down the stairs. Examine the screen shot below to see where I mean. Only go down to the beach when you're ready to face off against the boss here.

Equip the Long Range Materia that you got in the Mythril Mines on Cloud and make sure everyone else in your party has Bolt, Ice or Fire equipped in a Materia slot. This boss can't be hit with melee attacks so you're going to need an alternative means of dealing damage to him.

Under Junon LocationsPriscilla CPR
Bottomswell Imprisoned

Boss Strategy: Not really a strategy but more of a - watch out for this move. In the screen shot above the blue bubble over Aeris is one of Bottomswell's only moves you have to watch out for. If you remember from earlier in the game when Rude did that pyramid over our characters and made them unable to attack - this is the same thing. Except this time you have to break it with a magical spell and it drains your health.

After you defeat the boss you'll have to perform CPR on Priscilla who almost drowned while we were fighting. You can't fail this part so don't worry about anything like that. When you're done return to town and spend the night in the house closest to the entrance.

Note: In the morning before you accept the Shiva Materia Fort Condor Battle #2 will be available. Additionally, after you accept the Shiva Materia and go down to the beach to talk to Priscilla and get the whistle, Fort Condor Battle #3 will be available. You'll have to run there both times with only Cloud in your party if you choose to do them.

When you awake in the morning exit the house and try to go up the staircase near your party in the center part of town. Priscilla will come out of a house at the top of these stairs and give you the Shiva Summon Materia.

Our next stop is the beach again where we fought the Bottomswell boss. Priscilla will be here with Mr Dolphin and you'll be treated to a brief scene where she gives you a whistle to call the dolphin and have him fling you into the air.

Junon High Voltage Tower

There's actually a pretty nifty trick for quickly getting up to the tower. Press square once and the Dolphin will miss the jump but if you don't move an inch from where you land and then press square again, the next jump the Dolphin has a guaranteed chance to get you up top!

When you climb the rest of the tower you'll find yourself on an airship dock that the Highwind is parked at. Wipe the drool from your mouth, we'll get this bad boy soon enough. Go down the elevator and into the Shinra barracks to get yourself started with probably the most annoying side event in this game.

For the next mini game you'll have to run into a line of Shinra soldiers and press the confirmation button each time the soldier shouts 'Now!' and the text bubble pops up. There are four tiers of rewards you can earn depending on how well you do.

Less than 29%:Grenade
30 - 39%: 6 Potions
40 - 49%: 6 Ethers
51% or more: 5k Gil

After the event is over you'll find yourself back in the barracks area. Practice the movements that you're promoted with because this is for yet another mini game coming up in the near future. Once you regain control of Cloud you will want to return to the streets where we were just at before and do some treasure pillaging and shopping. Take a look at my screen shot below for locations of shops and treasures.

Junon Map Locations 1
Junon Locations - Click on this image to enlarge it.

Inside the house that the dog roams out front of (also the one marked treasure above) you'll find an Enemy Skill Materia in the basement. Talk to the soldier to get him out of the way then head downstairs to collect it. There's other goodies for you to find on the second floor too! Here's a list of everything in this house:

Mind Source
Luck Source
1/35 Soldier
Power Source
Guard Source
Enemy Skill Materia

The 1/35 Soldier has no uses and you're going to find a few of these little guys throughout the game. When you've collected all you can in this area you'll want to continue through Junon until you reach the next set of doors for you to enter (same area as the screen shot below).There are more treasures here for us to collect before we move onto the last part of Junon.

Junon Map 2

There are only two items for you to find in this second half of Junon, both are listed below. Most of the buildings on this side are empty and almost all of the shops here sell stuff we already have. The only exception is on the third floor of the building with multiple shops you'll find an accessory salesman. He has some goodies we can purchase.

Grab the two treasures in the building just north of the one with the shops before proceeding to the northern most area. In this area you'll begin the second and final mini game for Junon.

Speed Source
1/35 Soldier

As with the previous mini game you'll be rewarded for how well you do, this time though it's much easier of a mini game and the rewards are much better. Force Stealer doubles the AP rewarded to the Materia equipped in it.... HP Plus does exactly what you'd think it does, raises your max HP.

0 - 50 Points: Silver Glasses (Accessory)
60 - 90 Points: Hp Plus Materia
100+ Points: Force Stealer (Cloud weapon)

President Rufus Mood Gauge




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