Gold Saucer Part 1 (Disc 1) - FF7 Walkthrough

Gold saucer Entrance

The Gold Saucer is probably one of the most iconic locations in the whole Final Fantasy series. There is a lot to do here that I won't be mentioning on this page, I would recommend you do some sight seeing while we're here yourself if you're interested in that. We'll be coming back to this place shortly later in the game which is when we'll be doing more.

If you're interested in having some fun here I recommend reading my Gold Saucer Side Quest page. That goes into more details about this place. Also before you run off and start exploring this place you're able to ask Tifa or Aeris to come with you. Whomever you pick raises their affection towards you and plays a role in the Gold Saucer Date event coming up.

Below is a succinct list of all the things you're going to want to do here to advance the story forward. Technically #1 isn't required and you can get it your second time in the Gold Saucer in a few levels but I put it here anyway.

1. Ghost Square for Turtle's Paradise No. 3
2. Wonder Square to meet Cait Sith
3. Go to Battle Square

Meeting Cait Sith
Battle square Sephiroth

Once in Battle Square you'll see that someone with a gun on his arm has gone and made a mess of it. You get accused of the crimes for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and thrown down into the Corel Prison.




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