Mount Corel & North Corel Walkthrough - FF7

Mount Corel Mine Cart Tracks

Begin Mount Corel by speaking with the man standing near the entrance to learn that Sephiroth just came through here. Continue through the dungeon on the main path until you find yourself on the roller coaster/mine cart tracks (shown in my screen shot above). There are no treasures to find before this point but there are side routes you can take that lead to dead ends.

On these abandoned mine cart tracks you'll occasionally step on a set of boards that collapses on you (shown in the screen shot below). When you fall through you will need to hold Left or Right on the control pad and spam the confirmation button. If you're successful you'll find yourself on the same pole as one of the treasures.

You will only get three attempts at this (for two treasures) so make it count!

Mount Corel treasure on TracksWizard Staff Acquired

At the top of the tracks there will be more loot for you to collect, A W Machine Gun, Transform Materia and a Turbo Ether. All three of these treasures are found by taking the tracks that go up and they're in plain sight.

Mount Corel Loot:

Wizard Staff (fall to obtain)
Star Pendant (fall to obtain)
W Machine Gun (Chest on top of tracks)
Turbo Ether (top of tracks)
Transform Materia (top of tracks)

To continue with the area you will want to take the upper mine cart track on the right side of the screen. Do this and you will find yourself in the same area shown in my screen shot below. There are two things for us to do in this area, one of which is optional.

In the same location I am climbing the wall in the screen shot below you will hear birds chirping. Climbing the wall leads you to their nest which will reward you with 10 Phoenix Down items and a battle against the little bird's mommy.

Climb here for birds

Once you've finished with the little birds go into the small shack shown with the green arrow and press the lever inside. This will drop the bridge on the lower path and allow the rest of your team to cross. Now back track using Cloud to the previous area we were at and take the bottom path this time.

Before continuing to the town of North Corel the road will fork one last time - take the path that goes downward near the lake and underneath the mine cart tracks to find a cave with some treasures. Inside this cave you will find the following items...

Power Source
Mind Source

Once you've obtained all three you've collected all the treasures in this area and are free to head on over to North Corel now. Return to where the path split and this time take the one that goes east. You'll have to cross a large bridge before you find yourself in the town of North Corel.

final fork in road

North Corel is Barret's home town and everyone here isn't too happy to see him. There are a few shops here, if you didn't win Cloud's Force Stealer weapon while on the Cargo Ship earlier you can buy it now from one of the shops in this area.

The eastern most tent in the town, right by the exit to the World Map, will have an Ether inside of it (inspect the pot in the back) but you'll have to dodge the two people walking around the tent to acquire it. This building and the Ether's location are both displayed below.

When you're done all you need to do in North Corel you will want to head west where you will find a trolley that takes people to the Gold Saucer. Guess what our next stop is?

North Corel Town LocationsEther Obtained




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