Gold Saucer Rewards & Earning GP - FF7 Walkthrough

This guide is going to cover the best ways for you to earn GP in the Gold Saucer as well as any unique one time rewards you'll get from this place (or just rewards you may want). If you're looking for information about Battle Square, you'll find that at the bottom of the page.

Believe it or not, the mini games in the Gold Saucer are a complete waste of your time if you're looking to earn GP. Out of all methods the best thing you can do to earn GP (aside from straight buying it with Gil) is Chocobo Racing. You'll have to do a lot of Chocobo Racing to breed a Gold Chocobo anyway which is required to get some of the best Materia in the game.

We'll go more indepth about Chocobo Races later in this guide, as they aren't available until during Disc 2 when you complete the Whirlwind Maze. First let's take a look at all of the one time rewards you can get from the Gold Saucer mini games in Wonder Square as early as Disc 1.

Wonder Square Rewards

Speed Square Rewards

Battle Square Rewards

Chocobo Square/Racing Rewards

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Gil to GP Exchange

As aforementioned the best way for you to get GP in the Gold Saucer is straight up buying it with Gil. You can find the Gil to GP exchange guy by the entrance of Gold Saucer (shown in the screenshot above). He's a rare spawn in this area and you'll have to run in and out of the Gold Saucer multiple times to get him to spawn.

He exchanges 10,000Gil for 100 GP at a time then runs off and you have to spawn him again. It's tedious but it works. If you haven't started Chocobo Racing yet I would recommend just waiting, you'll get more GP than you even know what to do with very quick from racing.