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Dragon Quest 5 Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Abovitall Tower Map Location

Abovitall Tower is your next destination but in order to gain entry you'll need to recruit Maria. You can reach Heaven's Above Abbey by traveling north across the bridge on the World Map from Abovitall Tower. Speak with the nun by the organ first then speak with Maria to get her to join you then return to Abovitall Tower.

Before tackling this dungeon I recommend that you return to Coburg and spend the night at the Inn. Also, purchase any weapons that are an upgrade for your monster companions while you're here and some Holy Waters. To easily return to the Warp Pad in the castle enter through the door next to the raft. The blue door you need to go through to reach the teleporter is in this same room to the north.

Return to Abovitall Tower with Maria and there will be a scene which ends with the doors opening. This dungeon is a bit annoying and I recommend you use Holy Water to reduce how many enemies you encounter as you explore the place. Make sure to use your L and R buttons to spin the camera as that makes everything much easier (and also is the only way to reach some treasures).

When you're at the top of the tower you'll encounter a gap in the floor (pictured below) before your prize, Ra's Mirror. To navigate this gap walk along the invisible pathway to the right or left; there are no tiles in the center which means you'll fall through. As you can see in the screenshot, my characters are standing on the invisible floor.

Invisible Bridge in Abovitall Tower

Grab Ra's Mirror and travel back to Coburg Castle, head up to the Master Bedroom above the throne which is where you'll find a fake queen, the real queen and Wilbur. Use Ra's Mirror on the fake queen (left) and you'll begin a boss fight with Faux Dowager.

Use Harry's Kasap and Dazzle on the boss and the Hero's Buff ability on himself and Harry. Then all you have to do is whittle down her HP and take out any of the more annoying enemies she summons to aid her. Once the fight is over there will be a long scene where peace restores to the land and rumors spread, the typical RPG stuff y'know.

Harry also decides to leave your party, speak with him in the throne room for a Tombola Ticket but other than that, you're done here.

Faux Dowager Boss Battle

Port Map Location

Our next destination is to the west of here, we're going to return to the same port that our adventure began at. If you've forgotten where this is, you'll find it to the south of Whealbrook (pictured above). During the day time there is a ship at this port that you will want to board to continue to the next part of the game.

When you arrive at your next destination you'll find yourself on the western most continent in the town of Lodestar Harbour. Do some shopping and exploring while you're here and when you are ready to trigger this town's story event head into the pub and challenge the people harassing the blonde guy to a fight.

After saving him agree to help him and he'll give you 1500G and tell you to head to the village of Hay which is to the south. Before visiting Hay I recommend you continue west to the town of Zoomingale; this town has a quick little side quest that we need to complete to learn the Zoom spell. Zoom will allow us to fast travel to any previously visited location with just the cast of a single spell and for that reason it is very valuable.

Zoomingale House With Purple Smoke

Inside Zoomingale you'll want to go into the house with purple smoke billowing out of it (pictured above). The old man inside of this house will tell you to bring him a Lunar Zoombloom which can only be found on the coastline west of our current location. He shows you the exact location on the map but just incase you've forgotten use my screenshots below.

Like the Professor said, you'll only be able to pick the Lunar Zoombloom when it is dark out. If when you arrive at the Lunar Zoombloom's location it is still during the day all you need to do is run around a bit in the area and wait for it to get dark. Thankfully it doesn't take too long to advance time in this game.

As shown in the screenshot below the Lunar Zoombloom will be a glowing yellow light on the ground, much like a Firefly. Grab it and then return to the Professor in Zoomingale. When you give the Lunar Zoombloom to the Professor there will be a short scene after which your Hero will learn Zoom.

Lunar Zoombloom location

Our next destination is south of Lodestar Harbour, we're heading to the village of Hay to help them with their monster problem. There is nothing that needs to be done in Hay to advance the story forward; there are a lot of goodies to find here if you explore the village but it's all optional. Make sure you do at least stop by the village to unlock it for Zoom travel though.

The monster we are looking for is found in the cave west of Hay, it's almost impossible to miss just follow the coastline and you'll find it. Everything in this cave is optional except for the final boss which is a Great Sabrecat... Not just any cat though, the one we abandoned earlier in the game before we became a slave. You can't win the battle with your old friend, instead what you need to do is show him Bianca's Ribbon which will end the fight and get him to rejoin your party. Pankraz's sword will be given to you as a reward as well.

Important: Make sure to put Bianca's Ribbon in the Hero's inventory so you can use it during battle.

Show Great Sabrecat Biancas Ribbon

Evac out of this dungeon and return to Hay village where you'll want to speak with the same blonde guy who gave you the 1500G in Lodestar Harbour. You'll find him in the southeastern most building which is also the largest building in the whole town.

Note: If you didn't previously explore Hay village when we were here the first time and trigger the scene in this building you'll need to exit and enter the village again after you see the scene to collect your 1500G reward.

Once you are done in Hay village you'll want to Zoom back to Coburg Castle because Harry needs to speak with you before you can continue with the rest of the game. There is also an item we want to pick up in Fortuna before continuing with the main story too. You'll find Harry in the room above the throne, speak with him here then go read his heartfelt note in the empty chest.

All that is left is to Zoom over to Fortuna and wait until it is night. Return to the same guy who sold you the Wagon before and purchase the Big Book of Beasts from him. This book is actually used as a cheap trick in Dragon Quest V by speed runners since repeatedly opening and closing the book resets your encounter rate. You can see a video of this happening here and there is a gamefaqs post about it here if you don't believe me or wish to see how it is done.

Big Book of Beasts for Sale

Zoom over to Zoomingale and from here travel south. After you cross the desert to the south you'll find a lone small building that acts as a town. There is a Church and an Inn here along with a few items (like a Mini Medal) to find but nothing else of importance. Our actual destination is the town of Mostroferrato which is a little bit more to the south.

In order to reach Mostroferrato you'll need to first travel through the tunnel just south of the lone building in the desert. The tunnel will have a guard that stops you from going any further if you haven't spoken to Harry back in Coburg yet, otherwise the route will be clear for you.

Mostroferrato is the first town you'll come across after exiting the cave, you can see it above the arrow on my map below. The Volcano to the south is our next dungeon but first, Mostroferrato! When you arrive in this town a dog and Nera will come to greet you, after which you'll be free to explore.

Map around Mostroferrato



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