Ranger Class Unlock Quest - DQ9

Ranger Class Unlock Quest NPC

Quest Requirements: Defeat Hocus Chimaera enemies with the Poison DoT of the Toxic Dagger ability

Reward: Ranger Vocation Unlocked

You'll find Odval, the person you need to speak to in order to begin the Ranger Class Unlock Quest in the Heights of Loneliness just outside the entrance to the dungeon (shown in the screenshot above). You can find the Heights of Loneliness almost directly east of Bloomingdale.

Rangers are the only long range melee DPS class in this game and they're well regarded as one of the most powerful classes in the game. One of the biggest draw backs to this class though is finding good weapons for them, Boomerangs are in scarce supply as are bows.

Hocus Chimaera Poisoned

For this quest what you will need to do is fight Hocus Chimaera enemies inside the Heights of Loneliness and defeat three of them using the poison DoT effect of the Toxic Dagger technique. To unlock the Toxic Dagger technique you'll need to put a total of three skill points into the Knife skill on one of your characters.

Basically what you need to do is damage the Hocus Chimaera enough prior to using Toxic Dagger so that the small 6 point DoT effect of the ability defeats the enemy. You won't get credit if you kill the enemy with the large initial hit of Toxic Dagger - it has to be the poison that defeats it.

As always when you successfully complete this during a battle, you'll get a success message at the end. A screenshot of this is found below. Once you're done return to Odval and turn in the quest - you can now become a Ranger!

Hocus Chimaera Defeated



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