Quest #111 The Fource... Forever - Alltrades Abbey

The Fource Forever Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 5 different enemies all while under the effects of different Fource abilities

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 40+ Armamentalist & Side Quest #110 Complete

Reward: Armamentalist Album and Fource abilities now effect the whole party

This quest is given to you by Windy on L1 of Alltrades Abbey, he's the same person who you talked to for the Armamentalist Class Unlock Quest. In order for you to accept this quest from Windy you'll need to have completed Side Quest #110 as well as have an Armamentalist in your party who is Level 40+.

For this quest you'll need to travel to a few different places around the world and defeat enemies using one of the Armamentalist Fources that is closest to that enemies element. For example, Magmalices in The Magmaroo you use Fire Fource on, in the area around Swinedimples you use Ice Fource etc etc.

In an effort to put things in an easier to read format, I have listed all five of the enemies you need to defeat and the location to find them below. Further down this page you'll find screen shots of each enemy listed here incase you want to see what we need to fight as well.

Magmalice (Magmaroo - B1 - B3) Fire Fource

Great Gruffon (Around Swinedimples) Ice Fource

Cumulus Rex (Around Upover) Wind Fource

King Slime (Around Bloomingdale) Life Fource
Let 8 Slimes combine into a King Slime

Raving Reaper (Swinedimples Old School) Funeral Fource


a magmalice
A Magmalice (The Magmaroo L1 - L3).


a great gruffon
A Great Gruffon (Around Swinedimples).


a cumulus rex
A Cumulus Rex (Around Upover).


a king slime
Engage a regular slime & wait for 8 to merge into a King Slime! (Around Bloomingdale)


raving reapers
Raving Reapers (The Old School B2).




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