Quest #110 Force in the Field - Alltrades Abbey

Elementary Training Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 White Trigertaurs (north of Swinedimples at Cringle Coast) after casting Sap on them twice and Fire Fource on yourself

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 15+ Armamentalist

Reward: Fencing Jacket and Fencing Frock

This quest is given to you by Windy on L1 of Alltrades Abbey, he's the same person who you talked to for the Armamentalist Class Unlock Quest. In order for you to accept this quest from Windy you'll not only need to unlock the Armamentalist class but also have an Armamentalist in your party who is Level 15+.

For this quest you'll need to Zoom over to Swinedimples Academy and defeat 10 White Trigertaur enemies after casting Sap on them twice and Fire Fource on yourself. You'll find the White Trigertaur enemies north of Swinedimples Academy in the Cringle Coast portion of the world. Look for the centaur like enemies shown in the screen shot below.

white trigertaurWhite trigertaur credit

Having two Armamentalists helps a buttload for this quest. Sap the White Trigertaur twice and then during the third round what you'll want to do is cast Fire Fource on the character that melee attacks the White Trigertaur. You're going to want to make sure you cast it on a character you know attacks third or fourth during battle. Fire Fource expires at the end of the combat round so this is how you need to do things.

When you're successful in completing this task you'll get a notice of quest credit, as shown in my screen shot above.








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