Armamentalist Class Unlock Quest - DQ9

Armamentalist Class Unlock Quest

Quest Requirements: Defeat a Metal Slime with the Wizard Ward buff

Reward: Armamentalist Vocation Unlocked

You receive the quest to unlock the Armamentalist vocation from Windy, a man dressed like a Red Mage (from the final fantasy series) located on the first floor in Alltrades Abbey. Armamentalists are a Battle Mage/Magic Knight sort of class that is able to handle both spells and a sword, similar to a Minstrel.

Unlike the Minstrel, however, Armamentalists mostly have spells which buff allies and debuff enemies. Abilities like Oomph (increases the attack power of a party member) and Sap (decreases the defense of an enemy) are just a few of the abilities you can acquire for the Armamentalist.

Spellcraft Spell ListQuarantomb Map Location

For this quest you will need to defeat two Metal Slimes while you're buffed with Wizard Ward, a Mage ability. In order to learn Wizard Ward you will need to put a total of 8 Skill Points into 'Spellcraft', which will require you to be about level 9. You'll probably need to level up a more than this though just to defeat the Metal Slimes considering Wizard Ward is a self only buff, the character who deals the killing blow to the slime will have to be the Mage.

As for the Metal Slimes, you'll find them in Quarantomb - the dungeon that's west of Coffinwell. If you've forgotten where Quarantomb is use my map above for some extra directions. To save ourselves a lot of time what you're going to wanna do is run around Quarantomb and avoid ALL enemies except for the Metal Slimes. If you're playing on the Desmume Emulator it's also recommended that you use a Save State right before you engage the enemy - the first round is set in stone once you engage so if it's gonna run, it's always gonna run.

If you've never seen a Metal Slime enemy before, take a look at my screen shot below, to the right of my party is a Metal Slime.

Metal Slime

Learn the order of who attacks in your party and when so that you can always score the finishing blow with your Mage - this, in my opinion, is the most frustrating part. Each fight will need to last at minimum two rounds, since you have to cast Wizard Ward before defeating it and scoring the finishing blow with the Mage is just double annoying.

They all have 3 HP so just make sure two melee attacks hit it prior to your Mage hitting it with his melee attack. Don't bother using spells, just whack him with a stick or something... That'll do the trick! When you successfully defeat one of the Metal Slimes with the Wizard Ward on you'll get the success message seen below. Once you're done return to Alltrades Abbey to receive your class!

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