Quest #095 Free the Faerie Two - Alltrades Abbey

Free the Faerie Two

Quest Requirements: A Level 15 Mage; Equip the Faerie Staff & Defeat 10 Enemies With Frizz

Reward: Fizzle-Retardant Suit and Fizzle Retardant Blouse; Side Quest #096 Accessible

This quest is given to you by two Faeries which you can meet by spending the night at the Inn in Alltrades Abbey, assuming you have a Mage in your party who is level 15 or above. For this quest literally all you have to do is equip the Faerie Staff given to you by these two Faeries and use Frizz to defeat some enemies anywhere in the game.

Once you defeat all 10 of the enemies you need return to Alltrades Abbey and spend the night at the Inn again to speak with the Faeries and turn in the quest. Completion of Side Quest #095 will unlock the next one in the chain, Side Quest #096.

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