Quest #096 Faerie Nearly There - Alltrades Abbey

Faerie Nearly There Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Level 40 Mage; Side Quest #095 Complete; Defeat 10 Wight Priests With A Melee attack while Faerie Staff is equipped

Reward: "Mage's Manual" and Weakening Wave ability

This quest is given to you by two Faeries which you can meet by spending the night at the Inn in Alltrades Abbey, assuming you have a Mage in your party who is level 40 or above and you have completed Side Quest #095 already.

For this quest you will need to travel to Swinedimples Academy and into the Old School dungeon. If you've forgotten where this is, it's in the northeastern corner of Swinedimples Academy. Inside here is where you will encounter the Wight Priest enemies that the Faeries talked about. A picture of the Wight Priests is shown below, so you know what you're looking for.

As the Faeries told you, you'll need to defeat these enemies with the Faerie Staff equipped and with a melee attack. The Oomph spell will make things easier for you in this quest since it raises your attack power by 50%. All in all this shouldn't be too hard, when you're done return to Alltrades Abbey and spend the night at the Inn again to turn in this quest.

a wight priest




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