Quest #070 Look, Back in Anger - Swinedimples Academy

look back in anger quest start

Quest Requirements: Speak with the woman on 2F of the school; Defeat Live Lavas for Molten Magma and Gloomy Gastropogs for Toad Oil

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Points into Wand Skill Tree; Side Quest #69 Finished and Side Quests #77 or #78 not in progress

Reward: Wands and Beyond; Zing Stick ability

This quest begins in the western part of the Swinedimples Academy courtyard by speaking to the old man that's sitting on the bench here. In order to accept this quest you will first need to complete Side Quest #069 as well as have 100 Skill Points in the Wand Skill Tree. Apparently you also can't have Side Quests #077 or #078 in progress either.

For this quest the first thing you'll need to do is go up to the second floor of Swinedimples Academy and speak with the woman in the eastern portion of the area. She's standing right in the hallway - you can't miss here. If you somehow did miss her, she's the same lady who gives the Side Quest #078, view that page for guidance.

She asks you to defeat Live Lava enemies as well as Gloomy Gastropog enemies so you can make the remedy for her father's back.

Live Lava is found in Magmaroo (First three floors)

Gloomy Gastropogs are found in The Gittish Empire (zoom to Gittingham Palace; around this area)

A screen shot of both the enemies we're looking for is shown below too. You'll get a notice after the battle when you've obtained the item we're after - once you've acquired both return to the old man to complete the quest.

Gloomy Gastropogsa live lava




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