Quest #069 You Scratch My Back... - Swinedimples Academy

you scratch my back start

Quest Requirements: Talk to the man in Slurry Quay by the item shop; defeat Salamarauders in Tywll Cave until they drop a Backscratcher

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Skill Points in the Wand Skill Tree

Reward: Brouhaha Boomstick

This quest begins in the western part of the Swinedimples Academy courtyard by speaking to the old man that's sitting on the bench here. Assuming that you have at least 30 points in the Wand Skill Tree he'll offer you the first quest in the Wand Skill Tree series.

For the first part of this quest you will need to go to Slurray Quay and speak with the portly man standing next to the Item Shop keep. You can't miss the guy but just incase you do, a screen shot of him is shown below. If you don't talk to this guy then the Salamarauder enemies in Tywll Cave will not drop the next part of the quest - trust me I tried for about an hour.

Quest 069 Slurry Quay

Tywll Cave which is found to the northeast of Porth Llaffan and you're looking for the little tan enemies here called Salamarauders (a screen shot of one is below) until they drop a Backscratcher. This item then needs to be returned to the old man that started this quest.

If you have yet to do Side Quest #062 I highly recommend you go pick that up now and do both of these at the same time since both of these quests have you fighting the same exact enemies. Also #62 offers you one of the better Side Quest rewards there is - much more important than the quest we're on now.

a salamarauder





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