Quest #077 Cool-Fanned Kook - Swinedimples Academy

Quest 077 Cool Fanned Kook

Quest Requirements: Defeat Apeckalypse enemies outside Swinedimples Academy until they drop a Freezing Feather

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Points into the Fan Skill Tree

Reward: White Tiger Fan

This quest is given to you by Fanny, a lady standing in the hallway on the eastern side of Swinedimples Academy L2. In order to accept this quest from Fanny you'll first need at least 30 Skill Points in the Fan Skill Tree.

For this quest you will need to fight the Apeckalypse enemies around Swinedimples Academy (screenshot of them below) until they drop the Freezing Feather item you need. You'll get a message after battle when your item finally drops.






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