Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Meena and Maya

For this chapter you're going to be playing Meena and Maya who are on a quest to find Ballsack, the man who murdered their father. Out of all the chapters in my opinion this one is one of the easier ones. We're going to be spending a lot of time grinding and venturing around on the world map before we get to any of the real "story" elements of this chapter.

I highly recommend using the first bit of gold you get to buy the best weapon you can for Maya, your offensive caster. Hunter's Bow is the best choice and what you should go for. Dump the rest of your gold onto better armor for both of them.

Note: In the town you start in, the Bar is only open at night.

North of the town you start in there'll be another town of Aubout Du Monde; shown in my screen shot below. Talk to people in this town and you will learn of a cave to the west which is our next destination. On your way to this cave don't go too far north otherwise you'll find that the monsters take a sharp spike up in difficulty.

Aubout du monde map location

The cave itself is actually quite a bit of a challenge. I'd recommend coming here and clearing half of it, grabbing all of the treasure chests you can then leaving, resting at an Inn then coming back. On the second floor of the cave, taking the northern most elevator will lead you to Oojam, someone who will join your party. He's shown in the screen shot below.

In the chest next to Oojam you'll find a Night Light. The chest that's just south of Oojam you'll have to take the southern most elevator to reach; that chest has the Silence Sphere inside. With both of these items in hand you can leave the cave.

Oojam Joins Party

Our next official stop is northeast of the cave, the town of Havre Leon. Stop here and buy new weapons/armor for the sisters and rest up, then when you're ready head west to Mamon Mine. If you're only level 7 or 8 I would strongly recommend you spend awhile grinding before proceeding as the enemies in the mine could very easily overwhelm you this low in level.

Small packs of enemies won't be a problem but if 6 - 8 of them show up in a single fight it's going to get really dicey for you at such a low level. Mamon Mine is pretty big so don't worry if it takes you multiple trips to clear. On the second floor of the mine in the southern graveyard check the ground for a Seed of Life.

The Powder Keg we need for the story is found on the third and final floor of the mine in a treasure chest. Once you've got this in your hands you'll want to head over to Palais De Leon. In the bottom right corner of this big castle you'll find the Chancellor who is a bit skittish when it comes to loud noises. Go into your inventory and 'Use' the Powder Keg while standing in the hallway next to his room, it'll send him running to the northern part of the castle which is where you'll find a secret room (shown in my screen shot below).

Palais De Leon Secret Room

After you follow the chancellor into the northern secret room talk to the King in here when you're ready for a boss fight. He's none other than Ballsack, the man we've been looking for this entire time! Out of every boss fight up until this point - there's a very good chance this will be the hardest one for you.

It's strongly recommended you be at least level 12 before attempting to challenge this guy and I would also recommend putting some Medicinal Herbs in Maya's inventory that way incase you need to heal twice during one round you can. You should also put the Sphere of Silence we got from the cave earlier into Maya's inventory as we'll need to use this during the fight to stop the boss from casting Fullheal.

Here's the strategy I used, cast Sap on Ballsack when the fight starts using Maya and when it fades you'll want to use the Sphere of Silence. Don't use the Sphere too early, while it will decrease his DPS output what you really want to stop is his Fullheal spell which he casts at about 30% life.

Defeat Balzack and another boss named Marquis de Leon (shown in the screen shot below) will jump out and attack you. This is a fight you can't win so just wipe and you'll wake up in the basement of this castle with a lot of barrels (one has a Seed of Strength) and an old man.

On your way out of the basement you wake up in make sure you pick up the Boarding Pass, you can't miss it! Exit this castle area and return to Havre Leon to the north. In the northwestern portion of Havre Leon is the dock which is where you'll find a boat that takes us to the next chapter. On this boat too you'll find a Seed of Magic - search it thoroughly before proceeding!



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