Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Torneko

You begin Torneko's chapter in the small town of Lakanaba, far north of Endor. Torneko's day job is the owner of a weapon shop and you'll actually have to do this job as a sort of mini game before leaving Lakanaba. If you purchase a Cautery Sword from one of the people who sells items to your shop and don't sell it to anyone else - you'll be able to buy the sword yourself on a day when you're not working.

Aside from this, the only real purpose of your day job is to build up some money before leaving town. Torneko starts out alone and you will have to grind with him for a few levels before going to the first dungeon, which is to the north.

Torneko Outside First Dungeon
Steel Lockbox in bottom of cave

The dungeon itself is a piece of cake and the encounter rate inside is very low so you'll have plenty of time to figure out the simple puzzles. When you reach the bottom part of the dungeon (shown in my screen shot above) you will want to push one of the smaller rocks you find on the ground into the room with the safe.

When you pick up the safe the door to the room will close, push the rock onto the small platform where the safe once was to open the door again, then leave the dungeon. Our next stop is the castle town of Ballymoral which is far south of where we are now. On our way to this town we'll actually be passing a smaller town in the middle of the forest named Reginhart. This town is a bit unique though, the entrance works a little bit like a maze and you won't be able to leave this area until resting in the northwestern most building for the night.

Ballymoral Map Location

In the town of Ballymoral you'll have a few required events to advance the story forward. First thing you'll want to do is head into the castle and speak with the Prince in the northwestern room, he'll tell you to meet him behind the Weapon Shop when the sun goes down.

Next up, in the northeastern most part of the castle you'll find stairs down into the basement. In the castle's dungeon you'll find a man from Lakanaba with whom you'll need to give a Chimera Wing to. To speak with this man, go into the options menu and select "Talk" while standing in front of him. Otherwise you'll keep interacting with the locked door instead.

With both of these things out of the way, leave Ballymoral and wait until night fall then return to speak with the Prince. He'll tell you to deliver a love letter to the Princess of Endor for him. Now we're going to want to return to Lakanaba and borrow Fido, the dog of the prisoner we saved earlier. You'll find Fido's pen in the northeastern portion of Lakanaba.

Take Fido with you to the town of Reginhart which is in between Lakanaba and Ballymoral. When you arrive Fido will start barking and run into the northern most building where you would normally spend the night to leave this town. Speak with the man standing near the table to discover that he was a fox all along. Let him leave peacefully for a Suit of Full Plate Armor then return Fido to Lakanaba. All that's left is for you to speak with the King in Ballymoral which completes the bridge's construction.

Story Requirements for repairing bridge to Endor:

- Give a Chimera Wing to Finnegan, the man in prison

- Speak with the Prince on the first floor of the castle then meet him behind the Weapon Shop at night

- Return to Lakanaba and speak with the escaped prisoner's son in the northeast for his dog

- Go to Reginhart and follow the dog as he hunts for foxes

- Return dog to Lakanaba

- Speak with the King in Ballymoral to finish the bridge

Cross the bridge and travel south to Endor. You should remember this town from when we were here with Alena; also since we were here before you won't have to search the town for any goodies since they do not respawn. For the next few minutes we're going to be playing messenger for the King of Endor and Ballymoral. Read the message from the Prince of Ballymoral to the Princess of Endor and the King will then give you a royal scroll which you'll need to return to the King of Ballymoral.

Return to Ballymoral, speak with the King there and then again return to Endor and inform the King that you've completed the task. You'll now be allowed to open a weapon shop in Endor, but first we need to make 35,000G! There is an item called Silver Statuette which you can sell to someone in Endor for a lot of gold, it's found in a nearby cave which as you could imagine is our next stop.

Laurel Companion Hardie Companion

Before leaving town there are two people you can hire as a bodyguard for the journey ahead. Laurel costs more but he can cast Heal which is why I would recommend hiring him if you're going to hire anyone. Laurel is found on the second floor of the Inn, Hardie wanders around out front of the Church.

Our next stop is going to be the cave surrounded by poison northeast of Endor. If you're having trouble finding this location then use my map below for some extra guidance. This is a really big dungeon and could pose a bit of a challenge if you don't go in prepared. Make sure to bring at least 10 Medicinal Herbs and be level 5. If you have Laurel with you then you'll have much more margin for error since he can heal between battles.

Cave with Silver Statuette

This entire dungeon is filled with weapons and armor for you to gather up, the enemies here even have a much higher drop rate on items than we've seen throughout the game. Much of what you find you can't use but you'll want to sell it when you get back to town to make money. If you've forgotten, the town of Ballymoral (to the north of Endor) is having a current armor shortage and they pay a premium for armor. After we purchase the shop for 35K we're going to have to do another even larger purchase to complete Torneko's chapter - so you're going to want to bank as much cash as you can.

In the bottom of this dungeon you'll find the silver statuette/silver goddess statue which you'll want to pawn off to a man who lives in Endor for 25,000G. This man and his house are shown in the screen shots below, they're in the eastern portion of Endor.

Once you sell him the Silver Goddess Statue, purchase the weapon shop in the southwestern part of Endor from the old man for 35,000G. Your family will move to Endor and you'll then be told to speak with the King. The King has a simple request for you, he wants 6 Steel Broadswords and 6 Suits of Iron Armor - some of these items you probably already have.

Silver Goddess Statue Buyer HomeSilver Goddess Statue Buyer
Endor Town Map

You can find Steel Broadswords and Iron Armor from enemies in the same cave we just came from. It may take you an hour or so of grinding but you won't be able to complete this chapter unless you fulfill this request. You can turn in the broadswords and armor on the first floor of the castle, there's a weapon/armor shop in the northern portion of it shown in my screen shots below.

After you turn in all of the broadswords and armor you'll receive 60,000G which you'll want to spend on finishing the tunnel that goes east. You may have already talked to the old guy for this part, he is in the big cave that's northeast of Endor but south of the Silver Goddess Statue cave.

King Norman Weapon RequestsOld Guy Digging Tunnel

Pay him 60,000G then return to Endor and speak to your wife. She'll tell you that the Casino is open now, go there and then return to your wife and she'll tell you that the tunnel is now finished. To end this chapter all you need to do is return to this tunnel and go through it.



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