Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough - Chapter 2

Alena Intro Screen

Another journey begins, this time your lead character is a young lady named Alena. You begin this chapter in Zamoksva Castle which is in the town of Zalenagrad. Once you have control of Alena, you will want to search the entire castle for items that you can use on your adventure.

While you're searching the castle you'll also want to speak with Kiryl, he's walking around in the Church part of the castle which is found on the ground floor. This will cause the guy doing construction on Alena's room upstairs to leave, which allows us to exit the castle.

Head up to Alena's room where you'll find a hole in the wall boarded up with some wooden planks. Break through it and you'll find yourself outside the castle. When you jump down to ground level two people will come out of the same hole in the castle you did and join you on your adventure.

Story Requirements for Zamoksva Castle:

- Speak with Kiryl in the church

- Go to Alena's Room and break through the boarded up wall

Borya and Kiryl Join Party

Leaving the castle will place you on the World Map, to your left is the small town of Zalenagrad which should be your first stop. There's a single Seed of Agility for you to find in this town in a barrel next to the Weapon Shop owner. You'll also find an armor shop which you will want to hit up a few times as we get money before we go to the dungeon up north. I'd recommend buying Headgear for your team as it provides good armor value for the price.

Basically what you're going to want to do is grind outside of Zalenagrad for awhile until your entire team is level 3 + and you've equipped a few new pieces of armor onto them. The next place we need to go is the town of Tabarov which is northeast of Zalenagrad, shown in my screen shot below.

Tabarov Location

Speak with Anastasia in Tabarov (she's in the building just above the Inn) and grab the Seed of Agility from the barrel in her house too. Aside from Anastasia you'll also need to speak with her father who is in the large building on the eastern end of town, he's the one who will get the priest to talk to you. When you're ready for a boss fight against this monster visit the Church in town and speak with the priest here.

Story Requirements for Tabarov:

- Speak with Anastasia (western building)

- Speak with Anastasia's father (eastern building)

- Tell the priest you're ready to fight the monster

I'd recommend you be at least level 5 before proceeding forward, or if you'd prefer just save before fighting the boss and keep retrying until you beat him. The fight's not too difficult, but your weaker party members can be taken down in one round unless you get them higher level or better gear.

Take Place on AnastasiaMaster Kung Boss Fight

For this boss fight I would highly recommend you focus almost all of your attention on the Foo Dogs and take them out as quickly as possible. If all three enemies attack Borya or Kiryl in a single turn they can defeat them from 3/4 HP to dead - which is the only problem you'll have for this fight.

Master Kung can hit pretty hard so keep everyone above 1/2 health using Kiryl and whittle him down with melee attacks. That's really all there is to it! When you've defeated Master Kung you'll find yourself back in Tabarov with the Item Shop open for business again. Shop here if you want, otherwise head on north out of town (through the Church) to our next destination, Vrenor. This is a small town to the northeast of Tabarov; along the way the monsters take a big jump up in difficulty so be careful.

When you first arrive in Vrenor you'll want to travel to the second floor of the Inn which is where you'll interrupt a kidnapping. Follow the kidnappers out of town then re-enter Vrenor. This time you'll be able to stay at the Inn, which you'll probably need from our travel over here.

Town of Vrenor Location
Vrenor Inn Second Floor

To progress the story forward inside of Vrenor, you'll want to speak with the boy wandering around the fountain in the central portion of town. He tells you about a Ransom Letter that his dog found. After speaking with him, talk with the man in the building at the northern most portion of town, where the Cemetery is. He'll inform you about a bracelet in the Vault of Vrenor, which is our next stop.

Story Requirements for Vrenor:

- Go to the second floor of the Inn and watch the scene, leave the town

- Speak with the boy near the well in Vrenor for the Ransom Letter

- Speak with the man in the northern part of Vrenor to learn about the Sparkly Bracelet in Vault of Vrenor

Before proceeding to the Vault of Vrenor, you're going to want to do some grinding first. I recommend grinding around Vrenor until your entire party is level 8 or 9. This will definitely take awhile and when you're almost done grinding you'll want to return to Tabarov and make a few armor/weapon purchases from the Item Shop there before proceeding forward.

Note: Hunter's Bow is sold in Tabarov at the Item Shop and usable on your whole group. It'll double your damage output with every melee attack and it's strongly recommended you buy one for each character.

When you're finally ready to head into the Vault of Vrenor, you'll find it south of the town of Vrenor. Use my screen shot below for some extra guidance.

Vault of Vrenor Map Location
Amulet of Transmutation Received

The Vault of Vrenor is a rather straight forward dungeon with lots of Treasure Chests; the only required item within the vault for you to retrieve is the Amulet of Transmutation. You'll find this item on the second floor of the dungeon at the southern most end (shown in my screen shot above).

Once you've retrieved the Amulet of Transmutation return to Vrenor and roam around outside of town until it's night. When the sun goes down three NPCs will appear in Vrenor in the cemetery at the northern end of town. You'll want to give these guys the Amulet of Transmutation in exchange for the Thief's Key.

Note: In the southern portion of town where the Church is at, there's a Seed of Life in the garden. The priest blocks the way during the day but at night he doesn't.

Kidnappers in Cemetary

After receiving the Thief's Key you'll automatically spend the night at the Inn. The Weapon Shop will now be available in this town as well, the only upgrade worth purchasing in my opinion is the Iron Lance for Kiryl. This is assuming of course you already have a Hunter's Bow on everyone.

Whatever your choice may be, once you're done in town travel south past the Vault of Vrenor until you reach the Desert Bazaar, the small town in the center of the large desert. You will find an Armor and Weapon shop in this town which sell many different upgrades for your team, it's up to you if you want to buy them right now or when we return to this town.

In order to progress the story line forward there's going to be a lot of running around, starting with the Desert Bazaar town. When you try to enter the large tent in the western part of the Desert Bazaar you'll be stopped by a guard who tells you that your father is ill and that you need to return to him.

The fastest way to return to Zamoksva Castle is by using a Chimera Wing from your inventory. Once here head to the King's room and speak with the man wearing purple that is walking around (his advisor). He tells you to speak with Starek living in the back of the castle near the garden. To reach Starek go through the hole in the wall in Alena's room and into the blue door near where you fall down to the ground. Starek is the old man inside this room.

Story Requirements for Desert Town - Desert Tower:

- Try to enter the large tent in Desert Town and be stopped by a guard

- Return to Zamoksva Castle and speak with the advisor near the king

- Speak with Starek in the back of the castle

- Speak with Josef Starling in the nearby town on top of the Church's balcony

Desert Bazaar StoryJosef Starling Location

Starek tells you to go speak with Josef Starling in the village just west of Zamoksva Castle. Josef is on the second floor balcony of the Church, shown in my screen shot above. When you speak to him he reveals that he got his voice back by drinking a potion that he found for sale in the Desert Bazaar.

Yup, you guessed it, Chimera Wing or run back to the Desert Bazaar and speak with the lady at the item shop. She'll tell you to go southwest of the Desert Bazaar to the Desert Tower. Before you proceed into this dungeon it's highly recommended that you be at least level 10. If you're not you should spend a little time grinding before proceeding.

Desert Town Map Location

On the first floor of the Desert Tower you'll find an Inn through the double yellow/brown doors. Use the L + R buttons to spin your camera around if you're having trouble finding the location. Basically this is what you should do for this dungeon, spend your time running around picking up all of the treasure chests and leveling up. The dungeon isn't that difficult to figure out so you shouldn't need guidance. Use Borya's Evac ability when Kiryl runs low on MP and sleep in the Inn.

When you're ready to be done with this place you'll need to go to the top of the tower where you'll find two elf girls. They'll drop some of the nectar you need prior to fleeing the area, grab it and Evac out. With the nectar in hand return to your father and hand it to him (go into your inventory and use it while standing in front of him). He'll give you permission to leave the continent, if you haven't already been using Borya's Zoom spell you should be, it's basically a Chimera Wing without being a consumable.

Nectar at top of tower

Zoom over to Desert Bazaar and head east. You'll find a little dome shaped building which will allow you to teleport across the water. To the south of where you land on this new land mass you'll find the castle town of Endor, shown in my screen shot below.

We're basically at the end of this chapter, in Endor all you have to do is speak with the King and learn of his plan to have a woman win the colosseum match then participate in the colosseum match and win. I'd highly recommend that you be at least level 14 before attempting this as well as stock up on Medicinal Herbs in Alena's inventory.

Endor Map Location

The colosseum matches are all a piece of cake, you'll only be controlling Alena for each fight and most of the time you'll just be spamming regular attacks. Between each fight you'll be given the option to heal with any Medicinal Herbs that you have as well - which you should do.

After you win the colosseum tournament return to your home town of Zamoksva to find the entire castle deserted. Travel through the castle and back out of the hole in Alena's room, just like we always do. Exit to the world map to end Alena's Chapter.



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