Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - Chapter 2 (Antlion Cave - Fabul)

Hovercraft going over small rocks

From Damcyan Castle you'll want to head northeast in your Hovercraft across the rocks and to the cave entrance shown in the screenshot below. To the northeast of the Antlion Cave you can find Mt Hobs but we're not going there until a little bit later.

Antlion Cave Location on World MapAntlion Cave B1

Antlion Cave B1 Item List:

Spider's Silk
Gold Needle

Antlion Cave B2 Item List:

Antarctic Wind
Lamia Harp
Spider's Silk

Antlion Cave B1 (Part 2) Item List:

Emergency Exit
Phoenix Down
These are found in the room with the Save Point

For the Antlion boss on B3 of the dungeon you'll want to use Rydia's Chocobo Summon and Cecil's Dark ability to take it out. If you attack it with a regular physical attack it will strike back with a counter attack that hurts quite a bit. A tip for this fight is to use Edward's Heal ability to heal the whole party, it doesn't heal for much at all but it's enough to replenish HP lost from Dark and the Antlion's weak attacks.

Use the Emergency Exit after the fight to be taken outside of the cave and back to your Hovercraft. Now that we have the Sand Ruby you can probably guess our next destination - the town of Kaipo! To get back to the town of Kaipo you'll want to travel southwest of Damcyan Castle where you'll find more rocks to travel across.

Travel across those rocks to find your way back down to the town of Kaipo. If you've forgotten where Rosa is, she's in the northeastern most building in town. After you give her the Sand Ruby and cure her sickness you'll have to watch some scenes during which Edward will get into a one on one battle against a Sahagin monster. It's not a difficult fight at all so don't sweat it, a few melee attacks take the enemy down.

After the battle and when you regain control of your characters equip Rosa with the Crossbow, Feathered Cap and Ruby Ring. Also if you want to make things even easier change your party around using "Row" which will give you 3 spots in the back row and 2 in the front row. This allows you to put only Cecil in the front row and Rosa, Rydia and Edward in the back.

Now it's time to head to the Mt Hobs which you can find to the northeast of the Antlion Den that we were just at. You'll need to use the Hovercraft to reach this location.

Mount Hobs on world mapMt Hobs West Entrance

When you first arrive at Mt Hobs Rydia will use Fire to eliminate the ice that blocks your path. She'll also now be able to use Fire as a spell during combat as well. If your levels are low you may want to spend some time grinding at the entrance of Mt Hobs before continuing too far inside. Take my advice above and put Edward in the back row if he keeps getting himself killed too.

A tip for the Skeleton enemies that you face here, blast them with Rydia's Fire to make quick work of them. Not very far in the dungeon the path will split, with a door on the right and one on the left (pictured below). You'll want to take the left door first which leads to Mt Hobs - West. In this area you'll find some treasures as well as a Save Point.

Mt Hobs Intersection


Mt Hobs - West (Part 2)

Gold Needle
960 Gil


Mt Hobs - Summit

Holy Arrow

On the summit of Mt Hobs you'll bump into your next party member, Yang, as well as have to fight a boss enemy named Mom Bomb. It'll be a really tough fight and you'll want to keep everyone healed throughout the fight since when it finally ends the Mom Bomb will explode dealing a decent amount of damage to your party.

After you defeat Mom Bomb follow the linear path out of the dungeon. Our next destination is the castle town of Fabul which is found to the east and through the mountains. It's quite a long trip so make sure you've got enough MP to keep yourself alive on the way there.

Fabul Castle LocationFabul Castle Entrance

Before proceeding with the story, if you're short on Potions or healing items it's recommended that you purchase a few of them before going to the throne room and speaking to the King. Also it is recommended that you unequip Rosa before proceeding with the story as well. Any equipment on her is lost after the scenes that are coming up.

It's up to you if you'd like to purchase pieces of Demon Armor from the Fabul weapon/armor shop too. They'll be an upgrade for Cecil for a short while and can make this next part of the game coming up where you're only in control of Cecil a bit easier.


Fabul West Tower Loot:

Bomb Fragment
Antarctic Wind
Rage of Zeus (In a pot)
+ Yang's wife on the third floor of tower


Fabul East Tower Loot:

Bacchu's Cider

To proceed with the story you'll want to head to the throne room of Fabul Castle (the door inbetween the East and West towers). When you approach the King there will be a scene during which you're given the option to help protect Fabul from the impending attack. Accept this offer and you'll find yourself in a series of battles where you only control Cecil, Yang and Edward.

None of the battles you fight will be that difficult so I am not going to offer up a strategy for them. For the final battle you'll only have control of Cecil and you'll be fighting against Kain. You can't win this battle so don't waste a lot of items trying to.

After the battle there will be many scenes, during which Rosa is kidnapped. Exit the crystal room the same way we came in and collect all of the treasure inside the throne room which we couldn't get prior. There's a switch on the right side of the room for you to step on which leads to three treasure chests (pictured below).

Fabul Castle Throne Room Treasures

Fabul Castle Throne Room Loot:

Hermes' Shoes (Pot in western side of room)
Spider's Silk
Demon Shield

When you're ready to proceed with the story go down to the 1F of Fabul Castle and to the Inn. You get a free stay during which there will be a scene where your party plans their next adventure. After sleeping you'll find yourself in the King's room for another scene.

You'll be rewarded the Deathbringer Sword for helping save Fabul, which you'll want to equip along with the Demon Shield once you regain control of Cecil. Our next destination is the boat parked outside Fabul to the east (pictured below).

Boat Outside Fabul

Before boarding this boat it's highly recommended that you unequip the gear and weapons on every character except Cecil. Any items you do have equipped will be permanently deleted in a few minutes when everyone leaves your party.



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