Relic Fragment Recipes for Tradeskills 300 - 350

Relic Fragments

Relic Fragments were added during The Darkened Sea expansion pack and are the main Tradeskill item of the expansion. This item has a very small chance of dropping (about 5 - 10%) off many different enemies throughout the expansion pack and is used in recipes for many different Tradeskills.

Those of you who would like to farm Relic Fragments, there's only a single spot that I can recommend since it's filled with relatively weak enemies. From what I have seen these guys drop Relic Fragments pretty much as frequently as the regular enemies; that's why I recommend you farm them.



Alchemy Relic Fragments Recipes (9 Recipes)

Ancient Hedgewizard Brew

Arx Mentis Medicine

Compressed Mana Mixture

Deepwater Toxin

Distilled Mana Tonic

Elixir of the Seas

Lifeforce Potion

Seafarer's Fortified Drink

Tropical Cure-All


Poisonmaking Relic Fragment Recipes (5 Recipes)

Ancient Miasma

Arx Mentis Formula

Island Toxin

Mana Poison



Pottery Relic Fragment Recipes (6 Recipes)

Ceramic Butterfly Statuette

Ceramic Raptor Statuette

Clay Fire Bomb

Clay Powder Bomb

Clay Smoke Bomb

Relic Fragment Figurine


Tailoring Relic Fragment Recipes (3 Recipes)

August Infused Blade Whip

August Infused Knuckle Blade

August Infused Wrapped Rod


Tinkering Relic Fragment Recipes (6 Recipes)

Jury-Rigged Arc Worker

Magi Blaster Gauntlet

Saltwater Cannon

Saltwater Cannon Keg

Self-Regulating Rebreather

Spellshielding Generator