Cosgrove Powder Tradeskill Recipes for 300 - 350

Cosgrove Powder

Cosgrove Powder was added during the Underfoot expansion pack and is most commonly found off enemies throughout this expansion. Those of you who can't find this item for sale in The Bazaar and have to farm some, I would recommend Cooling Chambers and Kernagir, The Shining City as the two best locations to find some Cosgrove Powder.

Keep in mind too that if you can't find this item for sale in The Bazaar you could also start up a Barter and advertise in general that you're buying this item and many others. This is a great way for you to collect many of the required items for 300 - 350 without spending much time doing so.


Alchemy Cosgrove Powder Recipes (7 Recipes)

Tonic of Resonant Chromal XIV

Tonic of Resonant Disease XIV

Tonic of Resonant Elemental XIV

Tonic of Resonant Fire XIV

Tonic of Resonant Frost XIV

Tonic of Resonant Magic XIV

Tonic of Resonant Toxin XIV


Brewing Cosgrove Powder Recipes (4 Recipes)

Brell's Best

Cosgrove Ale

Cosgrove Nostrum

Cosgrove Spirits


Jewelcrafting Cosgrove Powder Recipes (23 Recipes)

Cosgrite Bar

Cosgrove Amalgam

Cosgrite Bars are used in many different recipes but in order to use them they first must be Enchanted. Once Enchanted the list of recipes they can be used in grows, and is shown just below.

Clasp of the Shawl

Compartmented Cosgrite Trio Bracelet

Compartmented Cosgrite Trio Earring

Compartmented Cosgrite Trio Pendant

Compartmented Cosgrite Trio Ring

Compartmented Cosgrite Trio Veil

Cosgrite Duo Bracelet

Cosgrite Duo Earring

Cosgrite Duo Pendant

Cosgrite Duo Ring

Cosgrite Duo Veil

Cosgrite Solo Bracelet

Cosgrite Solo Earring

Cosgrite Solo Pendant

Cosgrite Solo Ring

Cosgrite Solo Veil

Cosgrite Trio Bracelet

Cosgrite Trio Earring

Cosgrite Trio Pendant

Cosgrite Trio Ring

Cosgrite Trio Veil


Pottery Cosgrove Powder Recipes (5 Recipes)

Brell Statuettes

Brell's Temple Pottery

Cosgrove Infused Clay

Cosgrove Soloist Legging Seal of the Venturer

Cosgrove Soloist Sleeve Seal of the Firechief

Soloist Ceramic Clay

Underfoot Artwork


Tailoring Cosgrove Powder (1 Recipe)

Prescient Fleeting Quiver