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House of Thule Lower Floors - EXP Tasks

Ruppoc Rockjumper

The House of Thule Lower Floors Courtyard is the first HoT camp with Kill Tasks also available to grind while hunting here. It's much like the Loping Plains Worg camp from SoF if you remember that one -- or like Erudin Burning which is another HoT zone nearby.

In the central part of the courtyard to the right of where you enter the door you'll find a froglok decked out in spiffty armor named Ruppoc Rockjumper. Hail him and proceed through his dialogue until you come up with the list of tasks to accept - shown in my screen shot below.

Kill Task Dialogue

Each task (except Terror guards) is paired with at least one other enemy. What I mean is rot dogs and snakes are one task followed by skeletons and bone golems etc etc. In the last picture I have below you can see what all of the task pairings are if you ever forget them.

In the Courtyard of HoT we won't be able to complete all of these tasks. In fact we can only fully complete two of them. There's Rotdogs and Snakes in the courtyard and they're basically the most common enemies so this task is going to be the main bread and butter.

Then you have Terror Guards which are a bit further north closer to the House of Thule itself. Nearby the Terror Guards you can also find Terror Spinners which are the little spiders. The rest of the enemies you need to kill for the tasks are found throughout the zone. You'll have to do some exploring to find them.

Thinning Out Their Numbers Kill Tasks

That's basically all there is to the HoT Lower Floors tasks! Click here to head on back to my House of Thule, Lower Floors Leveling Guide.