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How to reach Chardok

Depending on your class reaching Chardok will be either really easy or a pain in the butt. If you're a Wizard or Druid or butt buddies with one get a port to Skyfire Mountains and you'll cut the travel time to this zone in half! Without a Wiz or Dru though the fastest way here is by taking The Overthere stone in PoK.

Once you take The Overthere stone you're going to want to travel southwest to the Skyfire Mountains zone line. After zoning into Skyfire you'll want to travel southwest across the zone to the Burning Wood zone line. If you think the dragon Talendor is up in this zone I'd recommend you follow the wall semi-closesly to avoid agroing him. He has an insanely large agro radius.

After making it to Burning Woods there's only really a short jog left to Chardok. You'll need to travel south, east and then north all the way up to Chardok. I'd recommend invis for this part because the Sarnaks are generally buffed with SoW and they Root/Snare. If you're under geared or lower level they can beat you up quite a bit.


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