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Chardok - Kunark Leveling Guide

Chardok - Kunark Leveling Guide

The picture of the map above is what I will call "Upper Chardok". Basically everything north of Watch Captain Hir`roul is the lowest level enemies you'll find in this zone. Once you get south of The Bridge Keeper and further west in the zone around Battle Master Ska`tu mobs start really jumping up in difficulty.

If you're below level 55 I don't recommend going into the zone much further than Observer Aq`touz.

Observer Aq`touz: Fancy Velvet Mantle, Baton of Royal Stature, Nathsar Bracer

Watch Captain Hir`roul: Earring of Everfount, Earring of Twisted Leaves, Jade Inlaid Spaulders

Captain Di`ouz: Earring of Woven Bark, Guard Captain's Mallet

Watch Sergeant Riz`oul: Nathsar Vambraces, Sarnak Hide Boots

The Bridge Keeper: Inlaid Jade Hoop, Stained Cloth Mask

Arch Inspector Nibi`zi: Di`zok Sceptre of Authority, Pearly Sarnak Bangle

Interrogator Gi`mok: Nathsar Helm, Oakleaf Scimitar, Ring of Stealthy Travel

Korocust: Incarnadine Greaves, Polished Shai`din Naginata, Worn Shai`din Naginata, Jade Inlaid Crescent Axe

Battle Master Ska`tu: Nathsar Gauntlets, Shai`din Revenant Bauble, Jeldorin

Grave Master Zo'Lun: Crypt Master's Conjuring Stone, Earring of Blazing Energy, Engraved Di`zok Deathbringer, Hardened Bone Spaulders, Wild Lord's Sleeves

Those are all of the nameds that are displayed on the map above. Be careful in the Korocust area where you see Interrogator Gi`mok, Arch Inspector Nibi`zi and others on the map above. This area has a bunch of really higher level enemies as well as pulls of usually 3 or more.

Chardok Tunnels

The area shown on the map above I like to call the tunnel area of Chardok. There are a bunch of gray con miners in this area which you'll pretty much want to avoid mixed in with all of the regular enemies. The tunnels will con dark blue to those at level 60 and is the safest higher level place to hunt in the entire zone.

Mainly since pulls are pretty spread out throughout the area. Just avoid the areas with the Grand Herbalist Mak`ha and Deathfang and you'll find mostly pulls with only two or three enemies tops. Here are a list of the different nameds you can encounter in the Chardok tunnels:

Deathfang: Imperial Wardog Collar, Chokidai Hide Pauldrons, Rabid Chokidai Fang

Kennel Master Al`ele: Iksar Hide Cap, Hammered Golden Hoop, Poison Washed Spaulders

Underboss Myli`ki: Tattered Flesh Veil, Nathsar Leggings, Sarnak Lightning Caller

Overseer Dal`guur: Iksar Hide Cape, Desiccated Halfling Mask (rare), Overseer's Signet, Shard of Darkness, Shard of Night

Foreman Mirt`akk: Girdle of Flayed Iksar, Vial of Roiling Gas

Grand Herbalist Mak`ha: Jade Meditation Hoop, Manisi Herb, Small Manisi Plant

Chardok Royals

The location on the map above is most commonly referred to as "the royals". The reason for this is it has the Prince, King and Queen nameds which are all much harder than the rest of the nameds in this zone. This whole area isn't recommended for any groups below level 60 and not well geared. The King/Queen are basically mini raid targets.

Prince Selrach Di`zok: Di`zok Imperial Katana, Incarnadine Boots, Head of a Prince

Loremaster Piza`tak: Anklesmasher, History of Di`zok, Nathsar Breastplate, Intricate Silver Rapier, The History of the Greenmist

Overking Bathezid: Incarnadine Breastplate, Argent Defender, Argent Protector, Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse

Queen Velazul Di`zok: Incarnadine Helm, Insignia Protector, Shard of Night

Grand Advisor Zum`uul: Gangrenous Touch of Zum`uul

There you have it! All of the nameds in Chardok (that I know of anyway) and the loot they drop.


Additional Zone Information

- The only way to reach Chardok is by traveling through Burning Woods. If PoP is out take The Overthere Stone and travel through Skyfire.

- This zone gets remade in Empires of Kunark

- The Di`zok Signet of Service is a quest that rewards you with a very good item and requires you to raise your reputation with Chardok. This item is also used in another quest which is one of Kunark's most noteable quest chains.

- Chardok B, the zone connected to this one, isn't available until many expansions after Kunark

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