Burning Woods - Kunark Leveling Guide

Burning Woods Leveling Locations

Depending on what level you are determines where you'll find the best hunting grounds in Burning Woods. This zone has a rather large amount of hills but it's wide open and great for kiters or those looking to root rot enemies. The edges of the zone don't get many wandering enemies which make them excellent to pull too.

As far as camps go in this zone one of the most well known lower level camps here is the Xroads, shown on my map above. This location has dozens of different enemies that patrol through the area which makes endlessly pulling possible. It even has enough room to support two groups most of the time!

If Xroads is over camped further south you'll find the Ruins which is a bit safer than Xroads in terms of camp location since not as many enemies patrol around this area. This is a great location for boxers/groups with smaller numbers not yet ready for Xroads.

Finally the last great location that comes to mind here is the Giant Fort which is marked on the map between the Ruins and Xroads. This location is a bit higher level than the other ones so you'll definitely want to be higher level/more prepared.

Xroads: This is a great camp location for those in their 40s and lower 50s. There are a ton of enemies that wander around this area - so many you'll barely have to pull! But be careful, it's easy to get overwhelmed!

Ruins: This is a less visited spot in Burning Woods but I usually enjoy it if I am boxing a small amount of characters because less mobs patrol over here and the ruins offer some easy pulls

Giant Fort: In the center area of the zone on the map you will see it says "Forest Giants" - this is also known as the Giant Fort. It's a fantastic location for those in their late 40s and early 50s.

There's one last thing to mention about Burning Woods and that's the famous Wurmslayer Quest! Two of the hardest parts of the Wurmslayer quest take place in this zone; they're rare dragons that take a lot of hunting to spawn. If you manage to take them down you may as well finish the quest - if you can't use it you can sell it!


Additional Zone Information

- You can reach the Burning Woods through either Skyfire Mountains, The Dreadlands or Frontier Mountains. One PoK is in the game taking The Overthere Stone is the fastest way to reach Chardok.

- The Sarnak fort up by Chardok is another good spot to level up at in your 40s. Be careful though if you zone into Chardok - the ZL is one way!

- One of the most noteable quests in EQ history takes place in this zone, the Wurmslayer quest. The end result is an extremely powerful weapon that's tradeable between players.

- This zone is revamped/updated in Empires of Kunark and made into a new area called Scorched Woods.

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