Di`zok Signet of Service (Chardok)

Herald Telcha

For this quest you'll need to raise your reputation with the Sarnaks in the Kunark expansion pack to warmly and then speak with Herald Telcha at the Chardok zone in to receive the Di`zok Signet of Service. This ring is a very powerful item for this era and is one of the items required to complete the Regal Band of Bathezid Quest.

Obtaining this item is rather straight forward but far from being simple. It requires an extremely long faction grind to raise your faction with the Sarnak that live in Chardok. You have a few different ways of raising your faction here, you can hunt the goblins in the Mines of Nurga, Temple of Droga and Frontier Mountains. They give you 1 - 3 faction a kill usually.

The alternative and much faster route is to take the items you find on these goblins (Green Goblin Skin, Mt. Death Mineral Salts) and turn them in to Herald Telcha, shown in the screen shot above. These two items will raise your reputation with the Sarnak much faster than you spending all of your time farming the goblins in Kunark.

Green Goblin Skins will give you 3 reputation per skin whereas Mt. Death Mineral Salts will give you 3 reputation for every 2 that you turn in. This means that it's faster and easier for you to max out your reputation using just the Green Goblin Skins. From my personal experience doing this on multiple characters it takes roughly 1000 Mt. Death Mineral Salts to go from full KOS to ally which is where you need to be in order to obtain the Signet Ring.

Out of all the aforementioned farming locations I recommend Temple of Droga the most. It's jam packed with goblins and barely anyone ever goes there. A map of this zone has been added to this guide just above this paragraph. There's no specific camp location or anything like that - just run around slaying all the goblins you find hoping for skin/salts!

Once you reach Ally faction with the Sarnak hail Herald Telcha and say to him "I serve the sarnak". If you have the appropriate faction required he'll hand you the Di`zok Signet of Service. That's all there is to it!