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Erudin Burning Tasks for EXP Grinding

Exterminator CedrinKordian Keshalian

In my Erudin Burning Leveling Guide I mention two kill tasks which can be done in the northern portion of the zone. This page covers both of those kill tasks, Extermination and On the Rebound. As you can see in the pictures above the two NPCs that give these tasks are named Exterminator Cedrin and Kordian Keshalian.

Cedrin gives Extermination and Kordian gives On the Rebound. Extermination is the easier of the two quests since it only requires you to kill rats in the area and loot their tails. Despite this quest being the easier one - it's also the one that is extremely difficult to leech EXP with.

What I mean is, if you'd like to PL an alt they'll have to come out into harms way to loot intact rat tails instead of being able to sit safely next to the NPC and hail him every 10 kills like you can with On the Rebound. Since On the Rebound only requires that you kill 10 heretics and doesn't need you to loot any items it's much easier to chain that task and level an AFK alt in the other room from both regular EXP and task EXP.


On the Rebound Erudin Burning Task

Extermination Erudin Burning Task


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